Din Gi noodle house 

On this rare occasion, we went for chinese food. This is one of those days where we got tired of looking for a place for lunch hence we just walked in to Din Gi Noodle House.

Okay la.. long long time ago claire wanted to try the noodles because I thought their ‘yi gen mian’ direct translation to one strand noodle is interesting, interesting to me meant that it’s chewy. I love chewy noodles! Also for some reason it reminds me of one punch man. one strand noodle one punch man one strand noodle.. kinda rhymes eh?

It was Christmas eve that day and I chose this place for lunch. lOL. no festive feel at all.. I wanted to try the dan dan mian because I love dan dan mian BUT this one is szechuan style so I was very disappointed.. not with the food but with myself. LOL. for not being alert enough..

 photo IMG_4503_zpsuwmsavy1.jpg

Other than the awesome chewy texture, I don’t really like it as I’m not a fan of sze chuan dishes.

 photo IMG_4504_zpsdplkxf4u.jpg

But the dumplings were awesome. I guess its really hard for dumplings to go wrong unless you are really thatttt bad…? But so far all the dumplings I ate are all quite alright.. My Favourite would be at Alexandra Village Food Centre, cheap and good.

 photo IMG_4505_zpsu9vhpcfu.jpg

Not a very nice picture over here, but they are juicy and tasty. 😀 They are like a xiaolongbao jiaozi kind if it makes any sense. mmm.