Post Lipo Care – Scar tissue and swelling after liposuction

I finally went for my 9th session last sunday and I feel so much better now. I usually do my massage once a week but this last one I actually wait for about 1and a half week plus because she was down with flu and was really busy.

I was having a bad swelling with the period coming and after going to her, my swelling totally gone down.

Anyway I found out from her that she’s helping a lady with over 20years of scar tissue in her stomach (also after liposuction), and that she explains to me what is call ‘double up’.

‘Double up’ meaning if the scar tissue is still in your body and if you happen to gain weight, it will look even bigger.

Now I finally understand why after liposuction I gain a crazy amount of weight, that’s all because of the scar tissues plus my crazy bingeing.

I am so thankful I got to know her, otherwise I think I will still be suffering now. Anyway the legs are getting better and I’m happy for this!

Before you decided to do liposuction, make sure you are well prepared for what’s coming.

Also if you have done liposuction before and feel that it doesnt look smaller or slimmer, then maybe it’s the scar tissue that’s causing the problem. And no matter how long it is, I think there’s still a possibility that it can be removed.

That’s about it. I will probably post the before photo next time. 🙂

*This is not an advertorial. I paid all the sessions using my hard earn $*

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