Ways to improve Blood circulation

If you have this problem like me, then you can read on!

I have really poor blood circulation which resulted in bloated and heavy legs.

So I talked to Jann and she told me to try out these 2 things.

1. Red Dates tea or Dried Longan tea
So basically you just boil them with water and drink them. But for my case because I’m also heaty as Im prone to ulcer, she asked me not to mix this 2 together.

2. Cut down on salt
You know even though I’m health conscious, I still love to snack at times. hahaha. So I really have to work on this. But when you eat out, it’s MSG everywhere. sigh.. I can’t wait for my house seriously so I can cook healthy dishes everyday!

And the following is based on my personal experience…

3. Move more and exercise
I dun think I lack on this since I’m always briskwalking, when I dun have time to exercise I tend to get more bloated legs, so this really works.

4. Have sufficient sleep
When I have only 5hrs of sleep everyday then my legs really looked HUGE!

5. Frequent massage
Oh yea this helps alot! =D

Alright I think that’s about it. I’ve got a couple of posts coming up! SO please come back for more! I will talk about weightloss, wedding and staycation!

If you have blood circulation problems, feel free to share with me! (: and also your tips!

Love ya!
Claire 😀




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