Naumi Liora hotel review:Room tour/outfit/food and sweet moments! 1/2

Check out part 2 over here. 🙂  photo NAUMICAP_zpsf176457d.jpg

Awesome weekend back then and I have to break this post into 2 parts because it’s too long!

So for today’s post (Part 1) would be on the staycation itself, my outfit, and food that we ate and some funny sweet moments we have during the stay! (:

Btw a little background info is that we initially booked it on the 14th June because we want this to be in the middle of our bday dates and there was some crazy shit going on which we have to delay it to the 28th. I was really fuming on 14th because I was so excited and I prepared everything nicely (when I was having my cornea abrasion) and it turns out to be another date! &#^&*#^ BUT eventually I had an awesome staycation so I SHALL erase the unpleasant memories! 😀

Alright lets start the tour now!

Do you want to see the video or photos first? I think you should see the video first. Please watch till the end as usual! 😀

 photo SAM_0486_zps2ae20067.jpg
Hotel lobby!

 photo SAM_0487_zpsf1eefed9.jpg
All day take whatever you want snack station!

 photo SAM_0491_zpsa0c90556.jpg
Our Naumi Liora Porch Room, we booked from Agoda btw..

 photo SAM_0492_zps10282051.jpg

 photo _jpegIMG_0108jpg_zps1a65794e.jpg

 photo _jpegIMG_0120_zpsee21cfd2.jpg
Vest: F21
Sheer top: H&M
Shorts: cant remember
Slipons: Cotton On

 photo _jpegIMG_0131_zpsfe3667ce.jpg
They have awesome kaya toast but they moved to a smaller shop nearby

 photo _jpegIMG_0114_zps9786b437.jpg
Supa comfy bed!!

 photo SAM_0528_zpsdad345ab.jpg
Porch area. cozy and sweet!

 photo _jpegIMG_0135_zpse5e9e563.jpg
Oriole Coffee Roasters for lunch! BTW Oriole is moving .. tho I dunno where they are moving to. Do you?

 photo SAM_0503_zps33d5fc69.jpg

 photo SAM_0511_zpsf70ea197.jpg
Camomile tea and flatwhite

 photo SAM_0514_zpsd259a156.jpg
Some pastrami sandwich I think and I dunno where’s my bomb sandwich pic is, but you can check out from the video!

 photo _jpegIMG_0151_zps728dfb61.jpgCute bottles from a cafe at some community center nearby! Simon, where’s that again?

 photo SAM_0535_zps665e29ec.jpg
preparing to take photo and video our dinner!

 photo SAM_0548_zps155a041b.jpg
We bought our dinner from some tzechar stall near Naumi Liora, and I can’t remember the shop name, Simon what isit? hahaha! Their rice is so delicious!!

 photo _jpegIMG_0174_zps9752c487.jpg
And hello from us, and you really want to watch the video. lol!

 photo SAM_0550_zps1b0c656b.jpg

Alright that’s it, do wait for part 2! Introducing some Ramen place and awesome local breakfast!

I love the porch area alot although it’s kinda small, I think there are rooms with bigger porch, dun think i dunno. hahaha! Btw everything was awesome just that I spotted some ants, most likely from the porch, I’m ok with this BTW even though I’m afraid of ants (ya i know.. dont judge), there are real plants outside of cos ants will be invited.. Despite that few ants, I really enjoyed my stay in Naumi Liora, it’s different from staying in a business hotel, and if I were to choose, I will take a boutique hotel over a business one any day? (really?) BTW they have super friendly staffs too! One of them even offered us drinks while we were waiting to check in!

And yes! I will go back again! 😀

You stay here before? And what do you think? 😀
Im going for a few staycation this and next year, so intro me some good boutique hotels!!

BTW the above review is not a sponsored review, we paid ourselves!

Thank you for reading!
Claire <3