My 5 fav beach holidays and 5 fav bikini!

It’s summer vacation and of course we must go for a beach holiday! But it’s sad for me because my school starts already and I got to stay in Singapore and rot my ass off 🙁 I envy those who can travel about. sigh..

Anyway this is my must go if I were to go for a beach vacation. So do check them out! =D

 photo boracay_zpsda4751ee.jpg

 photo index_zpse9044adb.jpg

 photo gold-coast-beaches_zpsdb6fe10a.jpg

Gold Coast Beaches

 photo phuket_zps0d9c47d0.jpg

 photo calirofrnia_zps4045ac78.jpg

I really wish to visit california someday *dreammm*..

And of course we cannot forget about our bikinis!! These are my favourite 5 from victoriasecret!!!

 photo bikini2_zpsc80bff48.jpg

 photo bikini1_zps9021599a.jpg

 photo bikini5_zpsc6831f59.jpg

 photo bikini4_zpsc5a37a8c.jpg

 photo bikini3_zps486c8b88.jpg

It’s kinda different than usual but I love these pieces. Can’t wait to finish my school so I can have my freedom! 😀

Alright stay tune to more posts from me. I love you all! <3