[S-series] Barcelona’s Eyescream & Friends gelato opened in CompassOne today!

Hi people,

Its 1st September today. And it is the day CompassOne opens its doors after its almost a year’s renovations and refurbishment of the past-best-mall-in-Sengkang. Well I used to stay in Sengkang for much of my teenage and early adulthood, and there was only Rivervale Plaza which is more like Rivervale Pasar (巴刹) and Rivervale Mall which is like a tiny air-con town central shophouses chuck in a mall.. And then there was Compass Point, the previous incarnation of CompassOne. I used to stay near Compass Point, and I knew every single shops.

Well those were the times… Today I’m not telling you how much better the mall is now, heck its the first day its open for business, how the hell would I know how much its improved right? Today its all about I scream. Ice scream. Eyescream. Whatever its supposed to spell.

Its Eyescream and Friends, a quaint little shop which has its roots in Barcelona, Spain. Selling shaved gelato. Yes shaved. And by putting eyes on them gelatos, hence the namesake, Eyes-cream. Why the friends you might ask? Well, it has 7 flavours, 7 different coloured friends coming together in peace and harmony~ We are Singa…. ok ok NDP was just a few weeks ago so pardon my patriotism. The 7 friends has names, but I don’t want to confuse you guys so they are just Chocolate, Mango, Cheesecake, Yogurt, Wildberry Yogurt, Strawberry, Vanilla. (Got the cute pic from their site.)

On the menu there are only 4 items. At first we thought the variety was a bit lacking, They only have Eyescream Bowl, Complete Pack, Lollipops and Gelato Shake. Well to get the feel of how different this place is from the other gelato shops, you gotta at least try the Complete Pack once. To be honest, at first glance we thought the pricing was slightly, just slightly, on the steep side. Not really overpriced lah, if it is I would’ve just scream OVERPRICED S***!! But no its not. Not until we started eating them at least, patience my friends, I will get to that later.

Well 1st, you grab one of these packs, interesting right? Its basically 1 rectangular piece of cardboard with 3 holes and a cut-out stand-like thingy. So they fold them and fix with that wooden spoon to give you this take-out pack. It even have a clip like mechanism to kiap a piece of tissue for you to wipe your dirty mouth after eating. They were all made by sustainable materials so you can eat guilt-free. Make sure you throw into the paper recycling bin though.

Then check out the array of toppings. With the Complete Pack, you get to choose 2 toppings, trust me though, 2 is plenty. You grab them yourself and fit them into the 2 smaller holes on your tray. Love this little bowl fitting into holes thingy. I’m weird I know. They are all placed on a chilled plate so you don’t have to worry about the rate of decomposition if you’re wondering.

Next you just tell the friendly staff which flavour (or which friend you wanna devour) and they will happily bring out a cylindrical block of gelato and shave the hell out of them. Poor thing that gelato…

And the staff will plant eyes onto the poor gelato. As if getting shaved is not enough, now you give them eyes to watch their final moments. These curious things were all handmade by the way, and flew in from Barcelona. Atas eyes ok…

And there you go, your eyes are screaming now. I took caramel biscuits and oreo toppings, rest assured that they use top class ingredients for your cool treat. Oh and my cream is yogurt flavour one. Sounds a little misleading when I said it like that..

Here’s the Chocolate one Daphne chose. and below is the wifey with her mandatory PR shot. LOL.

She chose wildberry yogurt.

Ok here comes the verdict.

Eyescream were shaved gelato in a small bowl. They look small, but you will be surprised. We haven’t got time for dinner at the time we ate the gelato, and the thing filled us up! It seems like the gelato is made of the pure stuff and the other gelato we had elsewhere were all gimmicks! I should’ve known when I see them bring out those gelato blocks. Its pure gelato kg to kg, no air no water or any other additives that’re not gelato. And we thought some sorcery was involved thats why we can never finish scooping the endless bowl of gelato…

I liked my yogurt friend, the gelato is not jelat. Pun intended. And being under some sorcery with its volume, I can finish it all and not feel gross. You know some cream base stuff makes you wanna puke your guts after having too much of it? This doesn’t do that to your guts. Claire loved her wildberry friend which made me a little jealous. Claire cannot love other people except me!! Ok sorry, back to Earth. The eyes gave a crunchy surprise from the soft and smooth cream and the toppings added layers of flavour into this beauty.

From what we heard, the chocolate friend Daphne had was the best seller, calling it chocolate is only partially right, because it has a nutella taste, oh dear a bowl of sorcery nutella. Imagine that.

All in all, I would say its worth every cent and more. I mean, I can just buy the Complete Pack and share it with wifey, and it only cost $6.90. Try getting the same volume from Gelare? Then if you’re more thrifty, get the bowl without the toppings for $4.90, and enjoy the creamy goodness that will bound to satisfy you and your whoever’s sharing with you. I know its plenty for me and wifey.

We were offered a second serving, but we have to decline because one is really a little much. Good serving size, value for money and that instagram-able eyes on cream. People, mai tu liao.

Ps: There will be one more outlet opening in December, stay tuned for that.

Eyescream and Friends
1 Sengkang Square
#B1-42 (opp McDonalds)