Beauty Products that Ive been using. For the face, the eyes and the lips!

Sharing beauty products with you today! Just some products that I’ve been using and thought you would want to know. :p

For the face:

I am currently using the Bio-Essence 24K Bio Gold Platinum Dual creamDrugstore product for me to fight aging skin. 

 photo IMG_9944-2_zpswpiwof63.jpg

FYI, Bio Essence in fairprice tends to give alot of samples when you purchase their products.

 photo IMG_9947-2_zps7ki2zwhy.jpg

A little bit of intro about the cream shall we. The dual cream contains both day and night cream where the platinum day cream protects your skin with SPF 25 and the gold cream revitalizes your skin as you sleep.

The platinum day cream has decent moisturizing properties but it can be quite heavy on the skin whereas the night cream seemed to be lighter in consistency.

I have been using these for 3 months now and I don’t really see any improvements to my skin. Also, I don’t really like the ‘gold flakes’ in the cream. Alot of people are obsessed over these gold flakes but for me, I felt annoyed that they are sticking onto my face.

Other than that, I thought that the night cream should be heavier than the day cream. Having a heavy product on my face will cause it to get oily throughout the day.  At least a heavy overnight cream doesn’t cause much problems, since I can wash it off the next morning right? lol.

I am finishing this product and am looking for a new product to try. I am also quite obsessed with the Neal’s Yard Remedies New Oil free hydrating serum that I just recently received for a review. Will share it very soon! 🙂

 photo IMG_3883-2_zpskw45z5im.jpg

left – day cream, night – gold flakes cream. 

Next, face masks.

Before this, I was using the Nature Republic’s masks and I thought they are super heavy on the skin. Don’t really like those.

I was at Guardian the other day and I thought these masks are quite interesting so I got a few of them to try. It’s 3 for the price of 2 so I got 6 of this. I think it is $2 for a sheet or $3 – sorry I am getting old and forgetful. :/

 photo thumb_DSC02153_1024-2_zpsflinkk4v.jpg

I have 3 masks for nourishing (Jeju Tangerine), moisturizing (Jeju Seaweed and ultra soothing (Jeju Tsubaki).

 photo thumb_DSC02154_1024-2_zpsh6ohhdmd.jpg

and also 2 different types for brightening and hydrating.

This series are interesting because they are 2 in 1 enriched ampoule and mask treatment. I have to apply the ampoule before the mask. Sound very fun. I haven’t try this yet though. Will share when I finally use it too.

 photo thumb_DSC02156_1024-2_zpsansbpksz.jpg

 photo thumb_DSC02155_1024-2_zps8auffc2s.jpg


Say bye to cushion compact, now I am loving this powder foundation, brand Yojiya. I want to thank Joyce for introducing this to me because THIS IS TOO GOOD. The best I ever had.

The powder is so smooth and fine, super good and lasting coverage. This is like a liquid foundation to me. Too wonderful I cannot emphasize how much I love this.

Unfortunately you cannot get this in Singapore, I got this from Haneda airport, I’m sure Narita has it too. This is about 3300yen if I remember correctly. This can be found in Kyoto too.

BY THE WAY if you are going to japan then if it isn’t much trouble for you, can you help me to buy please? :p Otherwise I have to wait until next year before I can stock these up. 🙁

 photo thumb_DSC02181_1024-2_zpso2icxoiz.jpg

 photo thumb_DSC02179_1024-2_zpsmwlb1pdh.jpg

Yojiya, SPF 22 PA++, 01.

 photo thumb_DSC02180_1024-2_zpsrofar0rq.jpg

 photo thumb_DSC02182_1024-2_zpsbjnudbjc.jpg

 photo thumb_DSC02183_1024-2_zpsf4tlfdmp.jpg


Concealer and mascara from Maybelline 

I’m quite a fan of Maybelline. It’s easy to get them, the prices are affordable and the products are pretty decent.

And I am very very very excited when they bring in the Instant Age Rewind Eraser treatment concealer here! Alot of youtubers in the US are using this and I’ve been wanting to try this for the longest time!

I got this a couple of months ago but I didn’t have the time to share it on the blog.

 photo thumb_DSC02164_1024-2_zpspnhcaw6y.jpg

I also bought the new Maybelline Big Eyes Barbie Mascara to try because I finally decided to replace my Heroine Make. I wanted a new mascara that can be easily removed. And this seems to fit the bill as it can be removed easily with warm water.

 photo thumb_DSC02167_1024-2_zpsjk3srje4.jpg

Let’s talk about the Concealer first!

 photo thumb_DSC02169_1024-2_zpswqbzycqv.jpg

I like that the formula is not too heavy and it really brightens up the eye area. I use this to highlight my nose and conceal my red spots and moles too.

Just realized that the product contains Goji berry, I’m not sure if this ingredient helps in improving the skin but Goji Berry are meant for protecting the eyes and promote healthy skin!

The concealer has a built in applicator sponge which is very easy to apply on the under eye and face. But as easy as it sounds, this also causes a problem as bacteria can be build up easily on the sponge. Nevertheless I still love this product and I will try to keep it as clean as possible. (I hope!)

I know I am supposed to test it on my face instead of the hand but I love testing products on my moles so here is a before and after comparison for you to see for yourself!

 photo thumb_DSC02171_1024-2_zpss20ay5an.jpg


 photo thumb_DSC02172_1024-2_zpsiecasfhx.jpg

The after. 

Will stick to this concealer for a very long time I presumed.

Next the Maybelline’s Big Eyes Barbie Mascara review. 

 photo thumb_DSC02174_1024-2_zps3uuxxkep.jpg

I really don’t like that falsies are used for advertisements. lol.

Anyway this mascara contains arginine serum, is smudgeproof and can be easily removed with warm water.  photo thumb_DSC02173_1024-2_zps5r1fjrpz.jpg

There are 3 steps to follow:

  1. Coat with black formula
  2. Apply white weightless soft fibers
  3. Coat with the black formula again

Quite troublesome in my opinion because I’m too used to mascara that achieves volume with only one step.

 photo thumb_DSC02177_1024-2_zpspy5ixayv.jpg

the black formula.

 photo thumb_DSC02176_1024-2_zpsqompwxnt.jpg

 photo thumb_DSC02178_1024-2_zps6bjswc2z.jpg

The white soft fibers.

 photo IMG_3891_zpsx6fnt5jh.jpg

This is how my eyelashes looked like when I follow the steps accordingly. Some how I have lesser eyelashes on the left eye. 🙁

Overall I think this mascara is alright, but if it comes to volume, I would prefer the Heroine Make’s for sure. Oh I also forgot to add in that the fiber can be quite annoying because they keep getting into my eyes. zz

But to be fair, I really like that it is easy to remove. The smudgeproof feature is pretty accurate too. I always tear when I laugh and I’m surprised that it didn’t smudge under my eyes.

Yes I would still use this but does it give me barbie eyes? Maybe not.

Finally, the last for today! Lippies!

The 3 lip products that I have been using too much lately are the NYX soft matte lip cream and Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Tint. 

 photo thumb_DSC02184_1024-2_zpsoages89c.jpg

 photo thumb_DSC02185_1024-2_zpskgeqvrsq.jpg

I really love how I looked with them especially the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sau Paulo and Lippie Lingerie in Bare!

 photo thumb_DSC02187_1024-2_zpsveadtx7h.jpg

From the top to the bottom, NYX Istanbul, NYX Sau Paulo and Tarte Bare.

 photo IMG_1828-2_zpsn47cyymu.jpg

The NYX soft matte lip cream in Istanbul ($13?) is a very baby and soft matte pink colour. Sometimes I find that the pink can be a little overwhelming.

 photo IMG_1896-2_zpsacy1xeah.jpg

The NYX Soft matte lip cream in Sau Paulo on the other hand is a more intense and dark pink colour which seems to suit me better. I like to wear this pink with white and floral outfits because it brings all the red and pink colours together.

 photo IMG_2951-2_zpsdej1budx.jpg

The tarte lippie lingerie matte tint in bare ($30+) is my favourite because it makes me look and feel different. Nothing like a sweet girl!

Overall, I love how the soft matte cream looks on the lips but it is too dry imo. The tarte lippie lingerie is very smooth and moisturizing but it’s not matte looking enough.

I want to try colourpop next and of course I will update here as well.

Finally I have come to the end of this post and hope this post benefits you in some way or another. Thank you for reading and let’s SHOP MORE FOR BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!

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