Affordable and good makeup removers (My top choices/review)

One important thing I always forget to bring out is my makeup remover. For whatever reason, it’s always not in my list. Like for example, when I travel, when I go over to S house, when I go staycation or etc etc. I always forget to bring my remover!

And it’s because of this reason that I have the ‘opportunity’ to try different types of removers and finally found a few that I liked. They are not high end products but come on man, high end products doesn’t mean it’s good either, sometimes the price is just because of the branding.

No.1 on my list is always olive oil which I blog about it before over here. I was using the original olive oil all this while until recently that I decided to change to the Green tea olive oil. Other than the smell is better! I realized it removes my mascara better too. (being serious here, this is not an ad), I guess it makes some sense as well since it’s slightly more expensive BUT still only max $5+ a bottle for the green tea one which I think it’s super value for money.

No freaking makeup removers can remove my Heroine Mascara easily at one go, except for olive oil. Of course if you have any removers that can do this, then feel free to tell me, I need the info. BUT if it’s more expensive than 5bucks you can keep the info to yourself.

Natural, cheap and good still sounds like a better choice.

This is the list of removers I have tried:

1. Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover (water based)

2. Kao Biore Cleansing Oil

3. Bifesta Brightup cleansing lotion (water based)

4. Bioessence Miracle Bio water Jelly makeup remover

I don’t really like the sephora one because it stings my eyes pretty badly when I try to wipe off my eyeliner. 🙁 funny how the name says it is for eyes, but its very useful for the face.

 photo IMG_7895_zpsq0n6gd6d.jpg

Oil based Biore. Seemed like this is more oily than my Ginvera Olive Oil. I tend to be careful when handling this, but good thing is it removes my FACE makeup really fast. Dont really like the wipes.

 photo IMG_7896_zpspwjsc3zz.jpg

Bifesta. Fell in love with it when I bought the sample bottle for my hk trip. Its so effective that I decided to get the big bottle and park it at S’s place! Good for face and eyeliner but still not mascara. (ignore the soyabean promo)

 photo IMG_7897_zpsn3vquskd.jpg

Bioessence. Bought it because Im fascinated with the word jelly on it. You know some removers make your skin rougher? Thats why I wanted to try something moisturizing.

Each has its own good, but personally I love the Bioessence one, because it’s cooling and when applied, it’s very soft to the skin, and it doesn’t sting at all which is a plus point. 😀

This will be the end of my post today, hope you have some idea to what kind of makeup removers you want for your makeup! Hope I helped you to save some money also. :p

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