Neko Atsume! Guide and progress~

I became a hardcore gamer late last year because I was out of job, moody and stressed. I also start to become a ‘Mangareader’, and the first manga that got me into the manga and anime world is Tokyo Ghoul! I even bought a Kaneki Ken Chara Forme (with the kagune broken and fixed) :p

That was my first figurine. 😀

I didn’t blog much back then if you realized as I wanted to take a break from this ‘circle’, and honestly I didn’t go out much as I have nothing to blog about, so ya. No blog post, dead over here. Views go down. LOL!

I was playing Fashion Story, restaurant story and bakery story. I remembered I went to Apple and fixed my cracked screen iphone 6 and I lost all of my data for those games. I went crazy because I got alot of money inside those games! :/ But thanks to STORM8 I managed to get back all my accounts and data. :p thanks to my spamming, I think I’m quite a spammer and my workplace needs this skill too.

Then I was also reading Fairytail, Tokyo Ghoul & Tokyo Ghoul:re (MY FAV!), Shingeki no Kyojin (really different from the frigging movie) and ALOT of shojo manga. Sad I didn’t save what I read aiya if not can introduce you lol! But I definitely did not read hentai ones.

Sorry I got abit off track again, okay I downloaded Neko Atsume during the gaming period because I see Simon gets very excited whenever he gets new cats and also new gifts from them. And FYI, I was never a fan of cat before, yes they were cute but compared to dogs I liked dogs better. But ever since this game, I became very fond of cats!! Not the game one la I mean real ones also!

With every game, comes a game guide. And after playing for a week or so, I start to google about attracting rare cats. (I secretly want to compete with S, anyway he was playing cheat also) hahaha.

The number 1 website that came up on google was gameskinny. The rare cats guide was very useful but I wanted to add on one more tip for Frosty.

I waited 3weeks for Frosty to appear, as in really seeing her in my yard. I used snowy pillow on her. The thing about Frosty is you have to check in regularly (same for peaches), which I don’t really have the time for this unless I go to the toilet during work hours. Then one fine day I really got her while I was in the toilet! LOL. Her power level is very weak hence snow white and other cats always sit on the snowy pillow but you just have to be patient because eventually she will come out.

Then here comes my important tip, which you may know already BUT no harm if I want to share. Many times I missed her but she was without the straw hat! And one day Simon got this idea that maybe we should placed the snow pillow outside the house. And this is what happens… She appeared with the straw hat! So cute HAHAHA. And this picture also comes with Guy Furry and Ms fortune. 😀

Maybe if you put in the shelter, she will still come with the hat? But I didn’t get that leh.. If you have then let me know 😀

I used alot of my goldfish because I bought many sashimi just to lure Frosty and peaches. Just be prepared.

Here comes peaches. Not a very rare cat but you take forever to catch her!! This one you have to check in even more regularly than Frosty.

 photo IMG_7473_zpszrxjispu.png

She likes alot of things which is the problem because most of the times other cats come instead. AND sadly I do have a cat I dislike who is TUBBS! He always eat the food I put for other cats! Especially sashimi which is so expensive! ><

Other than Frosty and Peaches, the other cats are all quite easy to get. You just have to buy the right goodies to attract them which you can find from gameskinny. But there’s one I still haven’t get yet which is Mr Meowgi. This is because I’m currently at the status where I’m lazy to touch my game. lOL! I’m sure it happens to you too.

I have bought all the yards, except for Rustic Style (which I can buy already but lazy).

 photo IMG_7563_zpsabuuzul7.jpg

The modern style which I only spend about 140 gold fishes because they were on 50% discount.

 photo IMG_8016_zpsk7lwrbsb.jpg

The Zen style which is my current set up. The white cushion, red blanket, sunken fireplace and hot water bottle all look very new to me. I’m not sure if they are new but I’m quite sure the white cushion and red blanket are new though. :O

Anyway I really would like to buy this real toys but they are discontinued now, just recently Hong Kong has the Neko Atsume pop up store and everything was sold out very quickly (as told by Daphy). hais! I checked here and it’s also discontinued. Please have the stocks available soon! I want to buy!

I usually use my goldfish to exchange for normal fish but never normal fish to goldfish. But I actually spend money on goldfish, so ya. :p but I got to admit.. many times I forgot about them. This game can be easy to forget and my poor cats end up starving. 

Shall end my post here, see you soon!

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