Renting fake boyfriends online during CNY

Renting fake boyfriends online during chinese new year?! Omg girls and women please dont be so stupid and waste that kind of money can anot?

I read the article and found this whole thing really ridiculous! 

I know it can be really annoying when your relatives bombard you with the boyfriend or girlfriend question BUT spending up to 5000 to hire one fake bf is just plain ridiculous and stupid. 

Im surprised there are really people who go for this service and really wonder what human beings are thinking about right now. Sigh. 

Even if you are a millionaire or billionaire, is this the kind of things you should spend on? Im sorry but i feel that money should spend on meaningful things, this amount of money is better off to the charities. 

I really cant understand the whole rationale behind this but I guess if they really are willing to spend the money on that, who can say anything?