Weight loss: DIY Jammy oatmeal (Healthy & of cos tasty!)

I’m sorry, I dunno when was my last post on weight loss. And I’m guilty la cos recently I’ve been ignoring my healthy eating habits. HAHA.
I just got a brand new direction in life –> life is too short, just enjoy.

But as much as I’m enjoying eating bad food, I still prefer healthy food, because healthy food makes me feel light and happy AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PIMPLE – FREE.
Okay so anyway, I dun really like eating oatmeal, and I usually ate it with honey and weetameal biscuits.

Recently I try eating it with jam and digestive biscuits and GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.. it tastes too GOOD. no im not kidding, it’s good and it’s easy as hell to make it.

instant oatmeal, triple berry jam, digestive biscuits

You can even add in chocolate syrup (abit) or peanut butter (abit)! It’s a healthy treat as well so DO TRY IT OUT! 😀

Im on a ‘creating food’ craze. I hope Im able to share more. hahhaa.

and some birdnest for the skin? nah too expensive to sustain.

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