Briskwalking wins!

This is a strange feeling, things you just want to type down somewhere to rant and share even if nobody cares, but when it reaches out, and actually impacts and affect someone, you feel great! Seeing this type of message/email/comment just motivates me to write more on weight loss! I'm always on a experiment and … Continue reading Briskwalking wins!


Photos should be sweet, crazy & fun, just like memories. I'm postponing my wedding day to our 7th year anniversary. Any feedbacks/comments on this?? Cos I'm worried about the 7years itch but the 7th year is like the best timing already. By then my teeth should be okay and my flat should be ready in … Continue reading L.O.V.E

Good and bad food

Ahma's food really help me saved alot and im so thankful for that. (: I think without ahma's food I will be super unhealthy. Some food photos when I eat out. Again, I shall end this post with my cold face. Too use to eating ahma's food that I feel weird when I lunched out.