Lancome – NEW Advanced Genifique Youth Activator

Before this, I was telling Xinyi and Yirong that I want to try out SKII because Xinyi has been raving about it, and okay not only Xinyi, almost everyone who has used SKII before is saying how good it is. But what’s holding me back is the price and my age. LOL! Xinyi has been using anti-aging skincare when she was 23 (my age now), but my skin is bad and I dun want to start with a strong product.

And it’s always this period of time that the universe will answer to my call, when my brain start signalling, “I need new skincare products, I need new skincare products… Also I need new BBcream and yet I want to try CC cream,” (this will be on the next post). So the universe answered my call and presented Lancome New Advanced Genifique Youth Activator to me!

From the name itself, you know it is supposed to be Youth Activating. And it’s definitely what I’m looking for because I need it, not too young, I feel old already..
You are supposed to feel the difference in 7days, and yes I did! In less than 7 days!

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Inspired by the latest discoveries in gene science, their research labs have revealed more about key skin functions that help to maintain it’s youthfulness. With age, these functions are altered and the recovery ability decreases. Enriched with new active ingredients, Advanced Genifique has been formulated to boost visible signs of youthfulness and to help skin’s recovery during the day and night.

So what’s the difference between the new and the previous Genifique?

• New Formula with additional Ingredient (additional probiotic)
• Repairs and activate 10 signs of youth
• New Enveloping Texture (Wraps your skin like a cocoon, Absorbs really fast, leaves skin soft as silk)
• New Exclusive and Patented self-loading dropper
• Each drop now contains 40% more active ingredient
• Produces 25x more youth proteins as compared to current version

Advanced Genifique was being tested on 34women and these are the results.

Skin looks smoother, more luminous and rejuvenated after 7days.
After 8weeks, 10Key signs of youthful looking skin appear improved.

10key signs – Fine lines, Coarse Wrinkles, Radiance, Clarity, Evenness, Texture, Resiliency, Tonicity, Firmness & Sagginess.

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Aside from the product itself, I SUPER LOVE THE PACKAGING!!!

Elegant and sleek design makes me happy whenever I used it, and the best thing is it’s a self loading dropper!

I just need to twist to load and click to dispense and there I get my daily drops! Each drop delivers almost 40% more active ingredients than before!

No matter what my review is the most important right? 😛

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A product that is light weight is very important to me, I hate having sticky and heavy stuffs on my face, I get irritated and I will never buy that product again.

Advanced Genifique is light weight and it absorbs really fast, I can apply the following product once I finished applying this.

It’s my 44days on this product (sorry for the late review) and I really love it. Even though the price is more expensive than my usual product but it’s good and I’m gonna get it once this bottle is done! I will definitely blog about my next bottle to prove that I really buy it! haha.

My skin is plumper and much much much more smoother and elastic now! It looks cleaner but I got to admit PMS period still ruin my face. My skin tone are getting more even and clear too with the consistent application of Genifique.

I actually feel the effect on the next day already and got really amazed with this! Just a few more steps I’m with SKII and thank god I found this!

 photo SAM_0973_zps709b510c.jpg
this was the 2nd day of the product application, sorry for the unglam-ness.

This is a must use, a definitely must have!!! and current loved product on my list right now!!! I cannot live without it, sometimes I forgot to bring over my moisturizer and toner to the bf’s place and I’m ok with it, but I will never allow myself to go to his or anyone’s place without this! If I really forget about this, I think I will cab home from his place just to get my bottle.

I’m not sure if you guys know about the complimentary islandwide 7-day trial sampling campaign which is happening in May and June. It’s June now and if you haven’t already, please go try!!! This product is really good!

*review is done based on my skin

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  1. Hey Claire,

    Glad you didnt try SKII! It contains too many chemicals! You might not be suitable for it.. they were law suits against SKII…

    I love great skin; so I don’t use skincare with chemicals.. You might want to check this out.

    There is a DIY facial at Taka which allows us to try out the full skincare range on 18 June, Tues.. I’m going.. If you re interested to go as well, let me know!

    Feel free to email me at

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