Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

I can’t remember when was the last time I blogged about the products from http://www.wishtrend.com/ becos I was so so so busy!

Ever since the launch of BB cream, I dun think I ever bought liquid foundation. BB cream is so good and it doesn’t cause me pimples like foundation does. And after BB cream, there is CC cream. I never got the chance to try cos I’m still not done with my BB cream. I seldom apply BB cream too because I got lazy when I’m busy. I think busy and lazy just works together.

Wishtrend exists to make us more beautiful, they explore the world to bring us the best product and for this month, they presented me the

[Elishacoy] Always Nuddy CC Cream.

 photo SAM_1005_zps16897ebe.jpg
Always Nuddy CC cream is a light tinted product that offers hydration, wrinkle reduction, whitening and glowing effect all at once.

10 in 1 Always Multi Cream is an easy solution for skin care and makeup. Always Nuddy helps in whitening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection (SPF 30/PA++), hydration, correcting skin texture, correcting skin tone, covering imperfection, long-lasting, excellent application and making skin look instantly refreshed.

From the packaging and the liquid texture, I can’t see how different it can be compared to the usual BB cream I always used.But I realize the texture is slightly different as compared to the usual products, there are like particles inside and I got a shock,  I thought there was something wrong with the product and I even checked the manufactured date! LOL.

I went to their website and found out that there’s actually something about the “so called sandy liquid texture”.

 photo elisha2_zps1719d186.jpg

 photo elisha3_zps4022449b.jpg

The particles that I spotted was actually the ‘color capsule’! The cream was really fair and I was skeptical about applying on my face, I dun wanna risk having a white face and a darker color neck, not that I am dark skin toned in the first place but you know what I mean la. lol!

But after application, it actually blends with my natural facial skin color and it looks super natural like I didn’t put on any cream or foundation and I just have nice skin. LOL cheat until cannot cheat please.

Even if it’s natural, I will still apply powder foundation to fix and last all my basic ‘help’.  The best combi is applying Garnier Bb cream on my slightly bigger pores and after that, this. I will only do this during the weekend because weekdays are my NUA max days.

 photo elisha1_zpsbf93398a.jpg

I dun think I will finish this or my BB cream any time soon as I only apply on weekends! But I might apply this because of the 10 skin improving factors that I have mentioned about it earlier!

So this was just last Saturday, that I used this Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream!

 photo SAM_1053_zps4ad2e1ea.jpg

I love how natural it appears on my face without looking heavy and cakey! I dun even need to slap a huge amount on my face! Just 5big dots on my face and I’m good to go!

 photo SAM_1051_zpsbb9b9e22.jpg

Aside from my moley face, it doesnt look too bad right? You can also get this product from

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I hope you liked whatever you have purchased with Wishtrend! 🙂

*Review is based on my skin.