[S-Series] Vivocity – Wingstop Review


In today’s short post on fried chicken wings, we will be talking about Wingstop from the United States of America.

We passed by Wingstop on our daily quest for our dinner place and just decided to go ahead and try it. I tried it with my friends before, but that was a long time ago and I tend to forget things like that. Actually, I forget almost everything after a weekend spent slacking at home. My brain works in mysterious way that stumps me, or I simply forgotten how it works…


I read Wingstop came in from USA and it brings us authentic American styled fried chicken wings. Its choice of sauces to coat them wings are all American, like, obviously. Its names were strangers to me. So we just chose 2 of what we thought would be nice: Cajun and Oriental Soy sauce..



After munching on these juicy wings.. Well, I kinda prefer Korean fried chickens… LOL. How should I say this. It is good, but just not as good. Me and my Asian taste buds I guess. The cajun wasn’t like the cajun I’m used to. Its not as salty and not the kind of spicy that I’m used to at home, its a numbing hotness instead of the savoury salty spiciness. The oriental soy tasted like.. well.. starchy soy sauce. So I really don’t know what to think. But the fries was good though. And the DIY drinks vending machine was amazingly high tech.

I’ll probably go again if I happen to pass by again, just to try the other flavours.

Cheers people.