Weekly life update: 5th to 11th March – Mcdonald’s Fish and fries, KFC Mozzarella Zinger burger and we saw a snake!

Hi welcome back to another weekly update of mine. It was a busy but fun week and I FINALLY TRIED THE FISH AND FRIES FROM MCDONALD’S AND MOZZARELLA ZINGER BURGER FROM KFC.

So read on to find out if I like the new creation or not.

Monday: 5th March 

The swelling had gone down alot and I’m left with the bruising. See the yellowish tone under my chin?

That night we had to take a photo for a campaign and I was trying very hard not to show my swollen side. 

That same night I also uploaded a photo on instagram sharing how I can use the UOB mighty fx debit card to pay for purchases or withdraw money when I’m overseas. I can even set my own rates and wait for the UOB mighty app to prompt me once my rates are met! Go check out my instagram at @claireaudreylim.

Tuesday: 6th March 

I had Maggi mash potato for lunch and I felt really sick after eating instant food for so many days. So I decided to get Caifan for my dinner and to my horror the vegetable tasted horrible. I think it’s the beancurd, probably already spoilt after a long day.

I shared this with my neighbours and they all asked me to go Happy Hawker next time. I haven’t got the chance to go there yet, shall try soon!

Simon bought me assam fishballs from D’laksa after hearing me complaint about the caifan.

Wednesday: 7th March 

This week flies really fast hor? Because I was at home LOL! 

Lunch was this mini cup noodle from Nissin. 

So small so cute!

While I was at home I also tried to edit all my photos and I’m finally done with them. Editing photos is really tiring man. 

Later that evening I went to Kipling X emoji launch party to check out their new emoji bag collection! 

Heh here’s my favourite emoji on my bagpack! 

Check out the desserts from Ninja Catering! So cute! 

More bags from the collection! 

The pastels are so pretty! 

This is the everyday essentials. 

I wanted to get this luggage but it’s $400+ :O 

After the event, we went to Itacho Sushi for dinner. 

Itacho Sushi is one of my favourites and I always order their grilled salmon and crabmeat chawanmushi! 

Simon also ordered soba noodles because he needed his carbohydrates. 

and then we went to NBC. 

So cute hor the pusheen!! 

Spring collection for Rilakkuma! 

Want to build a hachiko??

There was an event for Timberland that day and I am surprised to see the ice cream cart inside!

While on my way home I saw this article: Insurers want all patients to pay part of hospital bills and I was like seriously?

Some people said that the existing policy holders won’t be affected. Also don’t know true anot. I shall go read up again. 

Then we bought three legs cooling water after our walk as we felt a little unwell that day. The lychee flavour one taste not bad lah but abit artificial leh.

That night I also did an online test and I thought it is very accurate! You can go try this out! Daphne said it’s quite accurate too.


Thursday: 8th March OH NO BACK TO WORK

Had porridge for lunch! 

And supposed to go to Aloha Tiki Bar with J but because of some misunderstanding we skipped the event and went out for dinner instead.

Had Korean food at Kim Dae Mun and it was so affordable and good! 

The serving size is damn huge please. I had a hard time finishing this. They were very generous with the meat too! 

Then we went to Plaza Sing to buy drinks from Liho and shop.

And the suaku me just realized there’s a DBS cafe. OMG. 

Unbelievable. I took some photos and send to Simon and he was shocked too. I guess we really haven’t go out for a very long time. I had been too busy clearing my work. Hahaha. 

That night I also did some products shot and I thought my skills are improving HAHA.

Friday: 9th March 2018 

Had KFC for lunch! I had one piece of chicken and cheese fries and my colleagues triedthe Mozzarella Zinger Burger!

I didn’t eat that because my wound is still recovering and I wanted to try this with Simon. 

I really like the potato balls though.

That evening I met up with Ivy to give her her long overdue present and snacks. I also gave her this emoji pouch because she is always so happy and carefree. 

Then we had dinner at Saizeriya Seletar Mall. 

ordered this beef stomach thing that made my stomach hurt the whole night. Guess it’s too acidic. I can’t eat too much tomatoes you know. 

And my favourite escargots. Cheap and nice! 

She ordered chicken leg and sweet corns! 

We had a really nice and long chat and do you know this is our first girls only meet up? Haha it’s pretty amazing. We also talked about this new thing she wants to try and I can’t wait to help her out!

I also told her what I’m going to do next and she was very happy for me too!

848D8D47-70C8-488A-97DC-176652DF5866I netflix and chill that night and I binge watch Jane is a virgin. It is a really nice show. You should watch this if you have Netflix at home. I really hate that Michael is going to die soon. 🙁 He is so nice and sweet. Why nice people always die in drama one!

Saturday: 10th March 2018 

Simon got to work and I woke up late. We ended up blogging in the afternoon and had Mcdonald’s for dinner.

706BD121-ABDE-4A59-BC8A-6F51135FEC6580665131-B393-4F47-BBED-2E8D3B7F38D4I really like the fish and fries though. Especially the skin! It’s good! I don’t understand why some people say it’s not nice!! Anyway don’t just read reviews online la you should try for yourself. 😀

Btw I wanted to try the chocolate pie too but sold out already at Sengkang CC???

As for Sunday.. 11th March 2018 

We woke up late and had thosai and prata for breakfast. Then we completed a few posts, did housework and ordered KFC for dinner! I know right fast food everyday!!

5B80C819-6004-4A66-B1A6-DAF35B541B44It’s already cold and soggy when I’m done with my filming. Both Simon and I agreed that the burger would taste better if we had eaten at the outlet! But it’s very sinful though.. I think this burger is about 1000+calories lor.

9F9527A6-922E-4676-AF46-49A5E976C133The cheese was dried out already.

01A24547-AF18-4D7A-AD05-9B95B7B673B9It’s still very shiok even when it’s cold!

IMG_6594We went for a walk after that and saw a snake at Sengkang Riverside Park and I almost stepped on it! It looked like a mini python by the way.

Daphne asked me to report to NEA. Should I? I also don’t know how to do that man..

Well. Anyway I’ve come to the end of the post and I’m really excited for this week because I’m going to an event with Vivi hahaha yah I know super random and I’m also trying something new. Fingers crossed!

Till next week, thank you for reading! BYE!


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