How to avoid gaining weight during CNY

Happy new year everybody!

I decided to write something related to CNY since its the festive season. I noticed alot of people write about the calories of the goodies but rarely the tips on how to avoid weight gain.

Of course knowing the calories will make us stress and probably try to control a little but seriously when you start indulging in them you think anyone will still care meh.. Lol because if i start on pineapple tarts it is never ending. And when im seated at the reunion table.. It seems like im going for a buffet and i better eat to cover how much I pay. So its quite a challenging situation.

Also there are a few situations that will make me eat more. See if you agree anot. 

1. When we go for visiting and your relatives start asking you standard questions like: ‘got gf/bf already?’ If yes they start to dig more if no they also dig more. ‘Hows school? Going poly? Jc? Going uni?’ Especially when cny is after O level, they will also ask you hows ur results? Not to forget: ‘When are you getting married? Remember to invite me ah. And after married, they will ask when you want to have kids and after you have one they will ask when you gonna have the next one. 

When i feel uncomfortable about these questions the only thing i do is to grab the goodies and start eating and secretly wishing I can leave soon. Sigh..

2: when you have absolutely nothing to talk about with your relatives


3. You visit 2-3 houses a day, depending. And there is a high possibility that they have cooked your share so you ended up eating more than 5meals a day.

If i dont eat i will feel very paiseh because no matter what its a courtesy to at least eat abit since they already prepared.

4. When you just have the urge to try everything thats display on the table. 

With all these listed above.. how are you going to avoid gaining weight?

Easily you can hit more than 2000calories a day and will have to work out like mad afterwards. If not for the lazy people, eat grass for the following week.

So in order to prevent the shock we will be getting after stepping onto the scale, these are some tips that Im sharing today which will hopefully help you maintain your weight or gain as minimally as possible. 

1. Stay active during this period. 

Walk more, climb more stairs, help out with housework and goods shopping and lastly continue exercising.

All these can be achieved as long as you are not lazy! You can take more steps when visiting, during lunch or after work. Take the stairs home instead of the lift!

Helping out with housework and shopping will burn some calories as well!

Lastly continue with whatever workout you’re doing right now! If not start doing by searching for youtube workout videos. Im sure you can fork out 30-45mins to exercise, this is not an excuse.

2. Share the food

Women are quite good with this i would say :p share with your husband, boyfriend  or parents. Most of the time I share with S, yes including the snacks.

3. Record what you eat and their calorie contents.

Im using the fitness pal app. Its super useful. Help me to control my calorie intake for the day. You can even set your target intake and if its exceeded, it will be shown on the app. Fun stuff.

4. Not only food, drinks also

Soft drinks and beer. Especially during gambling when you dont have hands to snack but ended up drinking tons of coke, or whatever and beer. This is the worse!

Alot of calories can come from these drinks and sometimes it can even go up to 1000. So if you are eating slightly healthier but still drinking like mad then you might as well dont eat healthier too because then whats the point?

5. Learn to say No.

This applies to alot of situation. To eating as well. When asked to eat, alot of people dont dare to say no, well including me of course. I feel bad if i say no, its like im rejecting others good intention. But many times I go home feeling sick because i have overeat for the day.

If you are really full, voice out. Especially people with bad stomach should control as well. Just tell the host nicely that you had enough and they will understand. Our health is more important, no?

Here are also some exercise you can do to burn 500calories! 

 photo image_zpskohwc2zz.jpeg

So would you rather work to control your appetite or work harder later?

Its up to you though. :p

Once again happy new year, gong hee fatt choy! Happy reunion! Huat ah! :))