[review] Neogence Ace revitalizing & Brightening Series

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Introducing the latest skincare products from Taiwan – Neogence Ace revitalizing & Brightening Series. remember this is exclusive to SASA! 😀

6products in total, targeting the face and eyes. 🙂

This series consists of 6 different skincare products that is developed and designed for combination & oily skins. Target to ‘restructure and renew the heavy skin, brightening, protection & anti-oxidant‘.

Whitening lotion, Renewal & Repairing mask, Hydrating Fluid, Pore concealing Base Gel, Eye Serum and Whitening Serum

Before I go into the details of the different products and my ‘before and after‘ photos, let’s have some discussion about skin 😛
Qns: Do you spend alot of $ on skincare but still see no improvement? Do you know that oily and combination skins actually have poor essence absorption issues?
Slow metabolism of the mentioned 2skin types leads to irregular epidermal cells, excess sebum secretion causes the old & dead skin cells stick up on the skin surface, that explains the poor absorption ability! If no action is taken for this issue, no matter how much $ you spend on skincare, the result of anti-aging protection would still be limited!
Take a look at the picture below for a better idea.

shouts* I want good skin!

Now we have Neogence to address our problems! 😀 Neogence has applied “Patent Biochemical Conduction Technology”in the series to further enhance the quality of this series. Ace products allow the active ingredients to penetrate into our skin effectively & easily. Clinical tests have also proved that skin absorption is 300% INCREASED after using them!

Qns: 300% that’s too awesome! And what is this Patent Biochemical Conduction Technology? O.o


Liposome® Patented Liposome Conduct Technology:
Through use of the structure of a special double Phospholipid. Liposome is able to coat a large amount of active ingredients and pass through layers of stromal cells to the target area. Liposome then deforms to release the active components in a stratified manner, aiding oil-soluble ingredients that would otherwise be unable to penetrate the skin and reach the deepest layer of the epidermis to do so!

That is not the end of it, other than that, Vitamin A, one of the ingredients, works on the deep, underlying layers of skin to renew, restructure, and metabolize old skin cells, improving absorption.


you might be thinking.. Neogence ACE, why is it ACE? Because there’s vitamin A,C and E that helps in skin renewing, lightening, and anti-oxidant. Also with the help of the other two patent ingredients, Biophytex (eye contour brightening factor) and Matrixyl™3000 (fine lines smoothing factor)….

Take a look at the picture below to see how ACE helps us!


and when the 3vitamins come together, hand in hand, they effectively release skin from dullness and roughness, darkness and restore skin firmness!

Okay enough of me rambling on and on.. shall let the pictures+my reviews do the talking 😛




-Vitamin A+C+E microemulsion essence, 15minutes of intensive repairing.
-Peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 effectively reduce wrinkles
-Vitamin A renews skin, refines pores, and increases elasticity
-Superconducting fiber material applies flawlessly to skin, allowing complete absorption of the essences.

Before mask..

picture taken using macro lens. omgoodness! ahhh! okay nvm back to topic, obvious redness/uneven skintone/open pores -.-

after mask..

so much better! improved in the redness area and i seemed more ‘glowy’ 😀

verdict: Improvement in 15mins, especially in the redness. Thinnest mask I’ve ever used, super comfortable, good design as well. I show you why I say so.

you have to peel off the blue layer, i think with the blue layer the mask is more stable, because it’s too thin!
see? damn thin! And the best part is I can also mask my eyes! yay! super love this mask!

I rate it 4/5 😀
Mask comes in a pack of 3 – 3pcs/ $22.90

Second: Whitening lotion + Hydrating fluid followed by Pore Concealing Base gel


-Vitamin A+C+E will at the same time renew, brighten, and combat aging
-Ellagic acid + Chamomile effectively represses melanin processes, brightening skin tone
Hydrates, conditions skin texture, and effectively enhances absorption of active ingredients

ACE REVITALIZING HYDRATING FLUID, comes with spatula, this is what I call ‘hygiene’

-Vitamin A+C+E will at the same time renew, brighten, and combat aging
-Peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 effectively smoothes wrinkles
-Natural olive extract is refreshing, moisturizing, and easy to absorb


-Vitamin A renews skin, refines pores, improves skin elasticity
-Elastic elements refine and cover up pores and fine lines, refine skin smoothness.
-Trehalose Tornare® control sebum secretion, moisturize, and keep skin fresh
-Light and fresh Serum texture, keep make up last long

Photo of bare skin! Nothing on it. ONCE AGAIN, I HATE MACRO LENS.

After: (with lotion, fluid and basegel!)


Verdict: Instant results as pores minimize drastically! Omg!
Whitening lotion: Still cannot see the whitening effect yet, but it’s very light and absorb really fast.
Hydrating fluid: Super light, very smooth texture, looked like natural yogurt, absorb really quickly (i dun even need to fan my face)!

The above 2 is very refreshing because this is the first time I used products that need to be refrigerated 😀

Base gel: The best! I SUPER LOVE IT! I’m gonna use it for the rest of my life until they met a competitor. Because the effect is instant, and it really makes my make up last long!!! A light, effective serum that covers pore and control oil!!! <3

Lotion: 3/5 Priced: 120mL/ $26.90
Hydrating: 3.5/5 Priced: 50mL/ $39.90
Base gel: 5/5 Priced: 50mL/ $33.90

Lastly: Eye Serum & Whitening Serum


-2% high concentrate vitamin A increases elasticity and improves firmness around the eye area
-Patent peptide wrinkle-smoothing factor Matrixyl™3000 effectively reduce wrinkles
-Eye-area brightening factor Biophytex® lighten dark eye circles.
-Vitamin A+C+E energize the eye-area all around


-Vitamin A+C+E will at the same time renew, brighten, and combat aging
-High concentrate vitamin A rejuvenate skin cell, refine pores, and increase skin elasticity
-Vitamin C brighten and firm your skin
-Liposome® coated conduct technology enhances ingredients penetration.

Verdict: For both the eye serum and whitening serum I’m currently using, did not show the before and after photos because usually for eye and whitening I think it actually need some time to see the results, so no rating for now! I will monitor my progress ^^

Whitening Serum priced 30mL/ $67.90
Eye Serum priced 15mL/ $36.90

So now what do you think of Neogence Ace, don’t you want to try it? Especially the basegel!!!

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Of course there’s more!!

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