ugly me.*above*

can u spot me? (still the same. pictures always appeared ontop.)ken and managing director which is my boss, jacob(daddy).

LOL! must fight for victory!

maybe shd point middle finger. HAHA.

ken is handsome! the wife is just behind. pretty.

i wanted furniture badly for my simone. so i logged into facebook ytd @ 4+ and play with him.
daddy caught me in the act! -.-” you know what happen next yea. hahaha. 🙁
we went back to the old office today to take pictures. wore beret.
hahaha. i wanted to upload BUT im not sure why the files got error and couldnt be transfer. ):! double saddist.

my colleagues are powderful @ eating. HAHA.
2more mths to my bday~ what should i do? hmmm.. *rolleyes*

kekkee. back for pictures(;
and now! i regretted for getting so OVER excited. cos i looked so ugly in it.
no ‘blood color’ @ all! damn it. i am so white right! duhhhhhhh~

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