tsk! i went to yishun ntuc ytd, and this guy, (i dunno where the heck is he from. maybe thailand) started following me around. darn, i was so scared, so helpless cos i was alone! and ive met this kinda shit before when i was young. phobia phobia!!! initially, i really cant figure out which country he came from. i told my colleagues tdy and lily says he might be from thailand. come to think of it, he does look like one lor! >,< lucky, luckily! he didnt follow me home. i don’t have the guts to even look @ him, not to say go up to him and scold la, duh! i called my ahma also but she was going to chongpang. but anyway im safe now. thank god. bangthem! arses. :@

humourous ahma.

ahma: TENG AH!
me: silence.
ahma: TENG!
came out of the toilet.
ahma: scare me ah, i tot you this monkey fainted inside.
weiting: =o

2nd one.

me: smell damn nice! chocolate eh! na. u smell..
ahma: why u apply coco on ur body? u want ants to bite you?
me: double =oo ahma: haha, if later i see ants crawling all over your body i will take the spray and spray you! i’ll run away dont sleep with you.
me: HAHA =O
i should have realise earlier she is really darn cute LOR!

;; im still thinking~

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