start afresh 1st day

so darling of ahma to make dumplings for my fellow colleagues and daddy. i had two yesterday!
kakaka. she’s always generous with the fillings, though a lil fattening but taste incredibly good! double thumbs up!
wanted to snap the interior but forgot all about it cos i was so god damn obsess in my marathon.
yea, eating marathon i meant.
milo, milk.
2 bazhangs, vegetarian beehoon, butter crackers, wheat crackers dip in peanut butter, chopsticks dip in peanut butter to taste.
payaya, curry fish head, vegetables, chicken soup, chicken and fish!
very fattening! i wasnt in a good mood~
i hate simon tey!

s: for me, if i got a gal i wont. (ya as if, bull shit. all guys are the same)
l: dont eat seafood and dont sweat, it will affect your condition de. (dont show me your care and concern. it only turns me off. sorry though)

on a brighter note; weiting/audrey will change. things will be different soon……………… and the story goes on.

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