Carrot cakes… PS Cafe or Cedele?

Who say you cannot have your cake when you’re on a diet??

I think I seldom eat cakes, maybe once every 2-3 months. hehehe.

I love carrot cakes so much, the shredded carrots, the walnuts, the frosting and everything!!! I LOVE CARROT CAKES!!!
Luckily I dun have any cravings now, if not I think I will just walk to Raffles City to get one!

Have you try both PS cafe and Cedele ones?
I heard good reviews about PS cafe carrot cake, BUT after trying it, I still prefer Cedele’s!

PS cafe carrot cake is smaller and more expensive, the cream cheese frosting is only on the top. I think it’s healthier because it’s smaller and have lesser frosting. HAHAHA. Still, it’s not nutty enough. I mean if you want to pig out after eating healthy for awhile, of cos you must have a bomb cake right?

 photo IMG_20130328_191940_zpse4132ed7.jpg

So I chose Cedele, big slice, cheaper, nutty and creamy. Everything you want for a carrot cake. OKAY suddenly I feel like getting one!!!

 photo 20130629_210043_zpsb74e8a38.jpg

What’s your favourite cake?

I’m working on my next weightloss related post, very excited to share!!!