Arteastique @ Mandarin Gallery and BONG QIU QIU

Did I blog about this before?? I can’t find any post related to this leh..

So I had my virgin experience (ALONE) at Arteastique and I fell in love with the lychee tea. To tell you the truth, I dun really like to eat lychees. But I like lychee flavoured stuffs like sweets and tea. Just to name 2.

Usually when I want to eat clean, I will order dishes that includes vegetables, any types will do. So I order the below.
I can’t remember what is it, maybe some thai or vietnam dish. And to be honest, actually not very nice. LOL

 photo IMG_20130330_170757_zps85225c7b.jpg

I think other food will be nicer. 🙂
So I think the best thing about here would be their tea. Naturally sweet and comes with big lychees. haha life… And it’s healthy!

 photo IMG_20130330_171111_zps80729b73.jpg

I can’t remember its before or after the meal, but I met BONG QIU QIU in the toilet!!!

I kept staring at her, from her entering the cubicle and coming out and touching up her make up, then I plucked up my courage to talk to her and request for a picture. My heart really beating like mad that day LOL. She’s so tall, cute and super FRIENDLY!!!!!!!
She even ask me about my braces!!! So sweet and nice. :’))))

She talked about her invisalign toooo and I really wanna change to that. T.T

QIU QIU! I hope I can show you my teeth when the whole journey has ended and hopefully you still remember me! 😀

 photo IMG_20130330_161516_zpsad476ab1.jpg

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