Weightloss/Diet: Boil your vegetables and eat them with THIS

Happy Sunday! (actually not very happy la, feeling very stress lately) I realize whenever I am stress, I start to eat a lot, and when I start to eat a lot, I want to blog about diet or weight loss related stuff to remind and motivate myself. So here I am starting my Sunday with a diet related post for you guys and I hope you all will start buying this ‘thing’ that I’m going to introduce today!

The next post I will talk about saving money. People who are close to me knows that I am crazy about saving money, I will talk about this soon. (Just FYI, I dun spend any amount of money on lunch, and I ALWAYS bring home cooked food)

At the start of my new job, I bought chicken, salad and fruits to prepare for lunch. Then I start to get lazy and eating out really suck up a lot of my money. So I realized Ah ma always cooked a lot for dinner and she will throw away the leftovers. So that was how I start bringing Ah ma’s food to work.

The good thing is I will always have veggies in my lunchbox, BUT her veggies got salt and oil, which add up to don’t know how many calories??? I got paranoid lately and I decided to ask her boil my veggies.

At first, I season my vegetables with a bit of salt and pepper, and it taste like shit. I hate using dressing because I never find the right dressing to my taste. I’ve tried sesame, mustard, italian, vinegrette or whatever you call it and all FAIL. I don’t know why I hate dressing so much, but all these are not cheap leh! So I sort of learn my lesson and stop buying dressing.

Just the other day, I decided to get this wafu dressing from Mei diya, cos it looks good and low calorie, like maybe 1tablespoon is 18calories that kind? or maybe lower.. (I will blog about how I measure & count my calories)

I was very excited because I think it will taste good, that night I open it and when I smell it, I already feel SICK. But bo bian I need to try the taste, so I brought it to work the next day with my veg and IT IS SO SALTY!!! AND THE SMELL V BAD LOR. The smell stays in my mouth almost the whole day and I really want to puke.

I dun wan to talk about which dressing it is lah, cos my taste bud very weird one.

Really disappointing and waste my money AGAIN!! So I went to google, and decided to try sesame dressing. And I saw this girl talked about some Qpie or what brand dressing, which is sesame one. I travel to Mei diya again and got it.

As always, I carry high hope. While choosing, I was asking my bf if I can unseal and smell it. HAHAHA. Anyway I listened to the girl’s advice and got the deep roasted sesame dressing. (below)

 photo IMG_20130904_141111_zps5a3c4a72.jpg

AND I TELL YOU, THIS IS THE BEST DRESSING I HAD EVER HAD, don’t talk about restaurant la. LOL

This is the only dressing I can eat with peace and eat it everyday with my vegetables. The downside of it is that it’s 160 calories for 2tablespoon, BUT THERE’S A TACTIC HERE ALSO which I will blog about it. Hahaha, I’m asking you all to come back and read. 🙂

But pls remember ah my taste is very different from people, so try it at your own risk!

Always enjoy healthy food!!! Eating happily is very important!!