Japan trip Day 2 P2: Yokohama- Augusta Milk Farm and houseboat dinner

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Thank you ABC Cooking Studio for bringing me to Japan. πŸ™‚
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After our somen feast, we went to Augusta Milk farm for icecream!

 photo IMG_2707_zpsqboy3mun.jpg

Look at the cute owner with his suit. lol!

 photo IMG_2699_zpsbuyvhrb1.jpg

We were all hiding from the sun and the cows.

 photo IMG_2703_zpsiggszpum.jpg

 photo IMG_2702_zpsqofo2fax.jpg

Look cute right? But they are super smelly!

 photo IMG_2701_zpsxszjlz53.jpg

 photo IMG_2704_zpssjxynlbk.jpg

We also met this beautiful cat, which I supposed belong to the owner’s.

 photo IMG_2402_zpsvyixbd93.jpg

The interior.

 photo IMG_2403_zpstjjen3hg.jpg

 photo IMG_2404_zpskjpgbvxg.jpg

The seating area.

 photo IMG_2705_zpscdd4stbo.jpg

Sydney, Joanna and me. Wow my hair were so short back then. Maybe I should not cut anymore. haha.

 photo IMG_2492_zpscenzkvzg.jpg

After that we checked in to our hotel which was at Intercontinental Yokohama Grand! View from my room, so beautiful~ wanted to visit the cup noodle museum but I heard it is closed on tuesdays?

 photo DSC02037_zpsgcrmarzk.jpg

my room.

 photo DSC02038_zpseogqy9ms.jpg


 photo DSC02039_zps9wui00ad.jpgbeds.

 photo IMG_2416_zpsqvmulmxa.jpg

About 2hours later, I met up with Joanna and Sydney! We shopped abit at Queens Square Yokohama and I bought tsumsums dessert fork and spoon and disney face masks from the disney store. Spend close to $100 for things I never use. At 7pm we then went to meet the others for the Yakatabune Dinner Cruise Tour!

 photo IMG_2710_zpsjeb0lgv8.jpg

 photo IMG_2716_zpslcememtd.jpg

Our houseboat!

 photo IMG_2418_zpsihcf9ybz.jpg

Dinner! Sashimi and tempura!

 photo IMG_2423_zpsk55lktms.jpg

Veggies before they fried them. lol!

 photo IMG_2429_zpsiymhcv9p.jpg

There were alot more but my favourite is this!

 photo IMG_2431_zpshwttpeie.jpg

The very yummy crab soup?

 photo IMG_2435_zpstvbcpgjk.jpg


Everything in Japan just tastes so good!

 photo IMG_2714_zpsmiob8mqg.jpg

Look at the view!!

 photo IMG_2494_zps8oeddxm0.jpg

Gladys, Joanna, me, victoria and sydney!

We also sang in the houseboat!

 photo IMG_2712_zpsqk0thwdt.jpg

About 2hours later, we got off the boat and head to a nearby convenience store to get coffee and snacks lol!

 photo IMG_2440_zpseu2kvqtx.jpg

Sydney and mine. πŸ™‚

And this concludes my 2nd day. Miss this trip and the girls! Can’t wait to finish up Day 3 and Day 4!!

Till the next people! πŸ˜€
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