Wedding Planning Ep5 – Behind the scenes of our Casual photoshoot

Last long weekend we finally summarized our guest list and did our invitation cards. Everything is so fun when it’s DO IT YOURSELF.

Also argue abit for some stuffs, I mean this is really normal. No argue no fun liao. :X

Anddddddddd I finally took sometime to edit this video. Im sorry it has been delayed for close to 4months! I edit halfway and realized that the most impt clip is not with me but nvm I can publish that next time hahaha!

So a summary of this video:

1. Awkward me talking (seriously damn awkward I even have to ask Simon to go out of the room so I can talk hahaha!
2. Not very good lighting, eye bags like shit
3. Some DIYS
4. Actual photoshoot day behind the scenes

Feel free to scroll to the video itself cos seriously Im so awkward -.-


My exam is coming soon. abit sian.. but I will still keep this space interesting! love ya bye!