Cedele again again and again – My latest favourite but WHY?

I love soup! At first I like soup spoon so much especially the pumpkin soup because the calorie is so LOW!!!
But after trying the curry pumpkin soup at CEDELE, I am hooked! 🙁 Like addicted to drug like that. I can’t forget the taste!!!

Not sure soup spoon is more value for money or Cedele, but I prefer Cedele, guess why? Cos the soup is SHIOK and I get to enjoy FREE FLOW OF RUSTIC BREAD. Die i tell you, I’m a loti lover and I see loti i cannot control!!!

 photo IMG_20130910_185103_zps57ff53f5.jpg

This is the first time I tried their soup, and I’m so happy when I sliced the bread. HAHHAA love their baguette even though it’s fattening than the normal rustic ones. baaaa dun care. once in awhile what!

And then the 2nd time was at Wheelock Place, and they don’t have my favourite curry pumpkin! Super sad and I ordered the beef something which I dun really like. T.T

 photo 1240442_10151832594161998_1144942519_n_zps1557ea07.jpg

*I wanna go Korea*!!! Actually I’m super excited when I’m choosing the bread, but I always got this troubled look. hahaha.

 photo IMG_20130914_155307_zps7574a38b.jpg

As always, see mocha must order mocha. FAT.

 photo 1185012_10151832594136998_1579206153_n_zps1b5c5047.jpg

I frowned again.. as usual! Having problems taking photos. -_-

 photo IMG_20130914_155750_zps05c8cf10.jpg

My beef stew and BREADDDD! V cute right my bread. HAHAHA.

 photo IMG_20130914_155849_zps09d5bc4d.jpg

and the bf’s breakfast set for lunch/dinner, about $18.80.
Alright, enough said. I will definitely go back to Cedele for the bread, soup and cakes.

 photo IMG_20130914_3_zps84d5c28a.png

Ok bye end my post with our lovey photo, COUNTDOWN 5WEEEEKS!!!

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