Weight loss: Your diet, my diet.

TGIF people!

Recently the boyfie told me about his colleague who shed kilos adopting a diet plan. Veges all day long and occasional meat dish maybe 2-3 times a week? Guess what, she shed 12kg in about 5 months! I think that’s an average of about 2kg a month? You may think it’s not ALOT but it’s something and in the long run it actually show!! Cos she look so much leaner now! The best part is? She doesn’t seem to have any loose skin or other issues!

This is an brief example of her diet:

B: Cereal + Fruits
L: Stir-fry Mixed Vegetable (cabbage, mushrooms, spinach, tofu)
D: Fresh Garden Salad with Italian dressing

B: Boiled Oats + Fruits
L: Avocado and asparagus wholemeal wrap with lettuce and honey mustard
D: Pumpkin Soup (soup spoon?)

B: Wholemeal Tomato + Lettuce Sandwich
L: Meat dish #1!! (e.g. Grilled chicken breast on Greens)
D: Cream of Mushroom with wholemeal bun.

B: Potato salad (half-serving) with blended Vegetable juice
L: Black Bean, Sweet Potato, Cherry tomato Soup
D: Mashed chickpea salad wrap
. so on and so forth.. Basically you get the gist la..

Do you think this is tedious? Cos you have to think of what to eat, what kind of groceries to buy to prepare your healthy meals and so forth.. The sheer number of vegan recipes needed to maintain this is madness, but please stop laziness when you have the internet! You can just google and get lots of ideas online! If not just buy from the many salad places popping up all over town.

But of cos, not forgetting the exercises! Basic stuff like brisk-walking or jogging on a treadmill helps speed up the process and coupled with some toning exercises like yoga/pilates etc and you’re good to go! (as you know i brisk walk everyday, and this is how i maintain my weight despite eating ALOT. recently i feel that brisk walking is not enough, and I’m starting on swimming, badminton and video workouts which I will share!!)

12kgs in 5 months sounds like a ssllloooowwww and ddddraaagggy process. BUT! Never forget! Slimming is SUPPOSED to be a slow process! I mean, when you’re young you just want to lose weight fast, but when you grow old, you realize the adverse effects of quick weight loss is going to crawl up on you, when your body is not that healthy anymore, your stomach is not that strong anymore and MORE. Slimming is good for health, but when doing it the wrong way, you actually send your health to hell. kinda rhyme eh? Besides, taking it slow can help give your skin time to adapt to the spaces vacated by the excess fat tissue, give it time and you can prevent loose skin issues!

Just remember to stay healthy!! And you will slim up naturally!!

Come, let’s share some of my lunch and snack. You know when you lose too much weight, the no.1 top fear is to gain it all back. Whenever I see my weight remains the same I panic, not to say when it increased during PMS. So I’m gonna stop dessert-ing for awhile because I want to stay even slimmer and fit! I eat alot and I walk alot. Times when I realised I gain abit of weight then I will start to eat lesser. BUT I love eating fruits and vegetables! Actually Vegetables more! And these of cos help me to maintain my weight! 😉

 photo IMG_20130909_133159_zps2cc01c4f.jpg

My colleague is on a healthy diet too, and she made me lunch last Monday cos I’m a good helper. HAHA. Sound like a maid, damn. Because of Lana, I start to appreciate baby tomatoes and capsicum, didnt know they could taste so good. 😀

 photo IMG_20130907_090804_zpsdb67d712.jpg

After working, Im sort of addicted to coffee. It’s like what to drink other than coffee? I drink coffee for the taste instead of it helping me to stay alert. FYI. coffee will never wake me up. NEVER.

Some strawberries that the bf got for me from hospital. It’s not sweet but cheap. Where to get sweet and cheap strawberries, do you know?? I also found out that Grapes can range from 2-4calories each, so yaaa I should cut down on my intake of grapes.

 photo IMG_20130909_201205_zps29563093.jpg

Heard the myth? If you feel fat, then eat fruits for dinner, damn this doesnt work for me at all? After eating the fruits, I got even hungrier! HAHA.
Watermelon helps water retention and super low in calories. My recent admiration for watermelons are pretty strong. 😀

 photo IMG_20130912_134421_zps14cf2d20.jpg

Instead of bread and rice, what about some sweet potatoes? I still prefer the japanese purple ones cos they are super sweet. 😀 100g is about 86calories.

 photo IMG_20130911_140244_zps6edc3dba.jpg

Eggs are like my staple now until I grow scared of eggs, I dun eat egg yolks I think I dunno mention how many times before already, it’s not becos of the calories but of the taste.

 photo IMG_20130913_135829_zps9f2afc30.jpg

The last photo of the post and the one that I missed the most! Ahma made some kickass chicken and I really love it! hehe. And with my favourite xiaobaichye I find this enough to satisfy my lunch hunger. hoho.

Sooooo moral of the story? Lets start eating healthy and exercise more!!!

Alright, I will blog about my part 2 counting calories tactic. So ciaoz!

The top part of my post is actually words by Simon and edited by me HAHA.