Our housewarming with Elsie’s Kitchen Catering and I talked about other caterers too!

Did my housewarming in March and it was such a fun experience! I think it is also from this event that we start to get so close with Sebas and Ivy!

Anyway I did some research online and decided on Elsie’s Kitchen because of the good reviews. But I was a little upset on the day because they were late for the setup. It’s not like 5 minutes late okay, it’s half an hour or probably more. I didn’t complain or feedback or whatever because they already apologized and I was quite happy with the food.

Thank god everyone was late otherwise I would have been so pissed.

We chose our spread from the tea reception selection as Simon had to work until 12pm and I had to work on my ‘assignments’ too. So we could only start the buffet around 230pm. I asked my friends to have their lunch first before coming over. Thought they can finish all the food since most of them are finger food but we still have so much left over.

It was supposed to be 11 dishes plus 1 beverage.. but I think I only chose 10? Can’t remember.

 photo hw 8-2_zps0ffdgpiq.jpg

So we had Seafood Gyoza and Tempura Prawn.

 photo hw 7-2_zpszeqgutiw.jpg

Honey Baked chicken drumlet. I eat like 5-8 of this??

 photo hw 6-2_zps1bmewzjm.jpg

Mee Siam.

 photo hw 10-2_zpslrr9wvsk.jpg

Soon kueh.

 photo hw 2-2_zpsgv8wehvk.jpg

Apple streudal.

 photo hw 1-2_zpsamjvzxn4.jpg

Ondeh ondeh.

 photo hw 3-2_zpsspfk10lu.jpg

cheese cake

 photo hw 4-2_zpsw1urwmdz.jpg

mini croissant with tuna filling.

 photo hw 5-2_zpssql3jlvc.jpg

Burbur hitam.

I like the food and I think it is quite worth it. 30 pax for about close to $400 including of 10 PVC stool and transport charges.

I would still recommend Elsie’s Kitchen and I want to believe that the lateness is just a one time incident. 🙂

Since we are talking about caterers. Might as well let me share my thoughts on Eatz Catering, Mum’s Kitchen and Select Catering.

Eatz Catering for Christmas Lunch last year! My favourite was the curry chicken (what’s new) and I find the rest of the food pretty normal.

 photo kaplan 1-2_zps0lx04gxn.jpg

 photo kaplan 2-2_zpshpb4u8ue.jpg

 photo kaplan 3-2_zpsn7yowm38.jpg

 photo kaplan 4-2_zps25cj2rmw.jpg

Teriyaki Chicken Drumlets and Golden Fish Fillet with salted egg yolk sauce.

 photo kaplan 5-2_zpsjgksxjoj.jpg

I heard Eatz Catering is very cheap but I’m not sure what is the price. But food wise I rate 6.5/10.

Mum’s Kitchen after Pinky’s Holy Matrimony!

 photo pinky wed 1-2_zpsqbelevuf.jpg

 photo pinky wed 2-2_zpswevpdri8.jpg

Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce.

 photo pinky wed 3-2_zpssvpr14po.jpg

Stir fried broccoli.

 photo pinky wed 4-2_zps77ey6brk.jpg

Cereal fish – this is good!

 photo oinky wed 5-2_zpsonwybzcp.jpg

Desserts and even sushi!

 photo pinky wed 7-2_zpsian4byn1.jpg

I missed out one photo, the rendang beef is the best!!!

I would rate Mum’s kitchen 7.5/10.

Select Catering for our own department christmas lunch. Typing this makes me feel a little sad, I just tendered last week and I am serving my 2 month’s notice now. I will miss all these peeps and the fun we had for sure. No more booking of classrooms for celebrations. ='( LOL!

We ordered Wild Wild West from their mini Party Sets selection and it’s $101.65 including GST. The spread is for 8-10 pax!

 photo office 1-2_zpseee7o5yb.jpg

Garlic Butter rice with mushrooms.

 photo office 2-2_zpsxl3ly5ly.jpg

BBQ sauce mini chicken drumlets!

 photo office 3-2_zpsuillfuot.jpg

Sliced beef with mushroom and onion in black pepper sauce.

 photo office 4-2_zpseqrqtjub.jpg

Sauteed mixed vegetables!

 photo office 5-2_zpsijg5pupj.jpg

photos cr Daphy!

Love the food! I rate them 8/10! Actually I wanted Say Siam lo but nobody supports my suggestion!

Well I’m done with my post today! Actually my favourite is still Orange Clove, their food is the best! I hope this post will help you a little if you are looking for caterers for your celebrations and parties. 🙂

Till the next time people! 
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