[Simonseries] Hobbies Bobby Ep8: A few years ago, me and Claire always spend our weekends somewhere walking and sweating and contributing to the growth of mosquitoes.


Thinking back, until a few years ago, I used to bring Claire to parks or nature reserves to walk or hike. I’ll bring a large bottle of water and a vacuum flask of hot Yakun kopi siu dai (I preferred HOT beverages. Madness out under our hot tropical sun I know) with some energy bars, necessities for ‘survival’ in the ‘wilderness’ like knife, multitool, matches, groundsheet, first aid kit, etc. My pack is always super heavy. And off we go to places like MacRitchie, Upper (or was it Lower?) Pierce reservoir, Bukit Timah Hill, etc. I would randomly guide her into the vegetation and she would silently follow me, until she gets too scared. Haha I remember the look on her face when she’s scared, and she will just freeze when I walk too far in and she won’t call out to me. She’s just simply frozen. Refer to my previous post. Lol!

Those were the times, when I’m still confused between my civilian lifestyle and army times. I still wanna roll in the mud, hide from imaginary enemies from red land, carry my water bottle like my rifle. Wonders what she saw in this crazy man. Anyways that all passed and now that its wedding wedding wedding we go out usually to take pics. Although I still pack my bag with all sorts of stuffs ready for an emergency on a daily basis, although I pack lesser stuff nowadays, my pack is still as heavy as ever due to my camera. Its my daily necessity, the best camera is the one you brought with you.

So anyways this post I’ll show the old pics we took while we were still actively trying to act active. She will look very different from her now pics, super different in fact, women really change very fast sial.

 photo 2014-09-11 11.51.49 1_zpsccivtmaw.jpg  photo 2014-09-11 11.50.44 1_zps6pgj17fd.jpg  photo 2014-09-11 11.49.28 1_zpsxxitmpjm.jpg

Keep walking guys, like Johnny (Walker).