Nu. Reflections: Moles Removal and Chin Fillers

About 2 to 3weeks ago, I went for my moles removal and chin fillers.

There is a particular mole that I tried to remove a few years ago, that time the doctor told me that the pigments of the mole are super deep so the mole wouldn’t go off totally. I was left with a patchy + raised mole since. Even though it is much better than the original huge one but I am still frustrated with it because it is RAISED so even if I conceal, people can still see.

I also remove 2 other moles with them and luckily it turn out alright.
But throughout these years I still want to remove the raised big one and other moles that always make my face look super dirty. I have like more than 10 moles on my face and do you understand how annoying it is when you have to spend like extra 5 minutes to conceal them -_- and more time to photoshop my photos.

 photo SAM_0882cc_zps88c1a130.jpg

the one near the nose is the raised and partially removed one.

With my wedding coming, I really want to look better with lesser moles and that raised mole removed.

So I finally went to Nu.reflections to get them removed! It’s a total of 8 moles that I removed and I’m so glad I made this choice. Other than removing my moles I also did a little bit of chin fillers to soften my chin muscles and to make it more defined as I have a really short chin as compared to my whole face. I always elongate my chin in my photos that’s why I look better…

 photo SAM_0860_zps78c7022c.jpg

The doctor that helped me with all my problems is Dr. Vicki Leong. She’s a very professional and beautiful doctor. We had a talk about my concerns, mole removal.

For example, some moles can have very deep pigments so it may turn out to be slightly dented on the face after removal. She also gives my moles a thorough check after we talk to make sure that I’m ok with everything before she starts doing the necessary.

 photo SAM_0872_zpsdb30cc62.jpg

 photo SAM_0868_zps798edadd.jpg

We also talked about chin fillers and she told me that my chin tend to have that wrinkled up effect whenever I smile or talk, and it can be fixed by doing.

After we are done talking, the assistant helped me to cleanse my face and Dr. Vicki starts to inject local anesthetic to the various moles so to numb them.

 photo SAM_0887_zps2ff80630.jpg

The 8 areas that I removed are 2 below the nose (refer to the first pic) one below the lips, 2 on the right side of the face near the hairline, and 3 on the left cheeks very near to the eyes.

 photo SAM_0889_zpsb02ead6d.jpg

I did the cautery (electrosurgery) for my moles and it was a painless process. The only part where it will hurt is during the injection. But it’s just for a short while. I just have to go through it for 8 times because of the 8 moles LOL.

This is the first injection for the 1st mole.

 photo SAM_0894_zps75c09882.jpg

And then we start with the procedure.

 photo SAM_0904_zpsca6d4c5f.jpg

You will only smell something burning because of the burning of the tissue, which is perfectly normal and all you feel is something on your face but no pain at all. Well, the injection already numbs it.

 photo SAM_0910_zps0c6a33cd.jpg
This is how it will look like once it is removed. It really depends on how deep your pigment is, and sometimes the skin will recover and fill up the space again.

 photo SAM_0904_zpsca6d4c5f.jpg

And she continue for the other 2 on this same area.

Next I did the raised bump one just below my nose. She asked me if I’m okay with it being dented or I just want to remove the black parts. I told her I would prefer if I can just remove the black parts because I think the area is quite big so if dented is quite big? But it turns out that the black part is removed and my mole is FLAT. Super HAPPY!

 photo SAM_0926_zps41bb732c.jpg

After this I did the one below the chin and that’s a little deep but I’m okay with it as it’s not very visible.

 photo SAM_0930_zps88c1fc2b.jpg

Then here I’m doing the 2 on the side. You can also see the one below the lips.
After I’m done I went ahead to do my chin fillers! Here Dr. Vicki is trying to gauge how my chin should look like first.

 photo SAM_0935_zps580c04f3.jpg

 photo SAM_0936_zpsa4351acc.jpg

 photo SAM_0952_zps12023fb3.jpg

Nu.Reflections uses Juvederm, and other FDA and HSA approved fillers. They are definitely safe and well established worldwide. I used about maybe 0.3ml of this only because we all want it to look more natural.

 photo SAM_0938_zps075e160a.jpg

I really love it! It looks much more defined and it is super natural!

 photo SAM_0942_zpscba6b677.jpg

 photo SAM_0946_zpsaa8ee453.jpg

I was so excited and by the way this will last for a year!
Next I will show you some of the photos I took during the recovery period. For my moles, once I got home I took a selfie.

 photo SAM_0968_zps5c297f54.jpg

I was given antibiotic ointment to apply for 2 days and I can only wear sunblock when I’m out until the scabs start to form. Don’t conceal your open wound by the way, anyway during this period is the ugly period but definitely worth it.

 photo SAM_0971_zps22f666b7.jpg

After about a week the scabs start to form and I start to put on loose powder but you can see the scabs are all there. Quite ugly actually have to be patient and wait for them to drop. DON’T PEEL THEM OFF.

As for now..

 photo need7_zpsd3fce483.jpg

The scabs have drop and it’s getting better every day, I only put loose powder here.

 photo need3_zps49afd1b9.jpg

Don’t expect it to be perfectly ok because you just remove a mole girl.

 photo need4_zps11cb9504.jpg

I can’t see my raised mole anymore, that one is actually a pimple.

And for the chin!

 photo SAM_0876_zpsaa3feda9.jpg

This is the day I took a photo without photoshopping my chin and the moles above my lips. It is still very obvious that there’s a bump.
And this is the after fillers one =D so happy!!

 photo need_zps3c4024da.jpg

 photo need5_zpsc50cc35c.jpg

I still have a very prominent mole in the middle of my face which I didn’t remove. Love my chin hehehe. Maybe abit of angle but still very defined I love it.

 photo SAM_6302_zpsa93575b2.jpg

Notice how it was round and it is sharp now. 😀
I’m really very happy of the outcome and I’m super excited for my wedding. I can finally take selfie easier and I don’t need to worry about the raised mole whenever I take a photo. The raised mole is super obvious when my side view is taken.
Also, I’m more confident now to go out with a bare face because of my less moley face =D I definitely love my chin a lot. I didn’t ask for nose filler because I know I have more serious issue with my chin. It makes a lot of difference having a defined chin. So don’t only think nose is everything. 

 photo SAM_6251_zps04ab484e.jpg

Do you agree?

If you want to remove your mole or maybe want your chin to be more defined then..
This is where you should go to! 🙂 Just give them a call first and enquire! 🙂

Nu.Reflections Medical Aesthetics
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#05-12 Regency House (next to old Cockpit Hotel)
Singapore 238465
Tel: (65) 6235 5333
Fax: (65) 6235 0330
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10am – 8pm
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Thank you Dr. Vicki Leong! Happy Claire is happy!