Late 2015 resolutions

Hi internet world, every start of the year i will make my resolutions like what everyone else does.

But this year im not going to make any cos i will end up forgetting what i need to and have to accomplish.

This year i decided to take things easy, and just be happy. Dont give myself too much stress dun expect too much dont push myself too hard. This time round, just for this year to enjoy a little more..

2015 will be my last year attending school and I am really excited for 2016.

Im Sorry i took so long to close off 2014, but thank u dearest readers for reading my blog and watching my videos. It meant so much to me you have no idea. :’)

I have been busy lately but I will be back on track for my videos soon! So guys i hope u all will be patient and will always be there to support me. 🙂

Im hoping for a more crazy 2015 after the first quarter :p I shall end the post now cos i have things to do.

Promise I will do more when things are more or less settled. Love u all to the moon and back and really thank you. 🙂

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