Home remedy for Hives/rashes!

I have pretty sensitive skin. When I was young, I was allergic to latex. I can’t play with balloons because once the balloons get in contact with any part of my body, I will have hives. Even now I’m still scared of balloons and I try to avoid them as much as possible.

When I visit the dentist I will have hives too, because of their gloves. My face will swell up and itch like mad after the visit.

I never visit the doctor when I have hives last time, my grandmother will just heat up some white rice wine then use a towel to wipe on the areas. After awhile the hives will go away. Pretty amazing actually! This continues for many years until one day she uses mushrooms with white rice wine on my body and I never had hives again.

I am serious, NEVER AGAIN. It was super amazing, I could visit the dentist and hold balloons and I won’t have hives at all. I think she was amazed too. Because my hives were pretty bad and ugly.

Then fast forward to 3 years ago, when I was 23. I suddenly got rashes. Tiny itchy bumps on my body which I still don’t know what is the cause of it. It could be seafood, it could be dust, or anything which I will do a test in the future to confirm it. Of course I hope I won’t have rashes again because the itch is really bad!

I don’t know which is worse, hives or rash. These bumps are so so so damn itchy that I just want to die sometimes. And they usually start from the hand and slowly spread throughout the body.

 photo IMG_9834_zps3c04ilu9.jpg

It’s potent i tell you. FREAKING ITCHY.

 photo IMG_9711_zps87xobncv.jpg

 photo IMG_9836_zpsbky5qxao.jpg

Don’t think I will show you the full flare, it’s disgusting. Then every single time this happens I will visit the doctor and she will give me the same items – calamine lotion, gentrisone cream for the bumps (cannot apply too much), Prednisolone for allergy and chlorpheniramine to stop the itch, which usually don’t really work well except that it makes me sleep alot so I will forget about the itch.

 photo IMG_9841_zpsgnk7nzez.jpg

and then recently, I suddenly have hives again! From 2 different triggers! The first was a small area on the left hand after I went for a food tasting and the second happened after using the mosquito repellent patch from Watsons. with 0% deet. 

I don’t think I’m really allergic to the patch, but more like I have overused them. The saying that too much of anything is bad is so true. High dosage of citronella is toxic, that’s probably why I got an allergic reaction.

 photo 8806565314590_zpsdbutg5nb.jpg

After that time, I don’t dare to use this again. :/

 photo IMG_4197_zps9v0qbmnu.jpg

Took a picture of one of the itchy areas that day. 

I also went to see a doctor because it is flaring and itching but I was so frustrated when the doctor gave me QV cream!! I mean, seriously, qv cream? I already have a tub at home! I ended up digging my old and finishing gentrisone cream to apply on the areas.

 photo IMG_4196_zpstlw0iub3.jpg


My eyes will also swell up when I take either synflex or diclofenc sodium so if your eyes get swollen after taking a certain type of medication, you might want to go back to the doctor and check if you’re allergic to it. Ask them to write you a card indicate what you are allergic to and remember to carry this card wherever you go.

I seem to have a lot of problems right… Well this is me. Problematic and complicated.

Anyway I’m fine now. No more rashes and hoping they don’t come anymore. Don’t need to worry about me too as I can still use OFF to fight mosquitoes and ZIKA. The OFF insect repellent lotion is not bad, effective and smells nice. Buy that.

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