[S-series] ENCOUNTER escape game – The Hospital review!! Go try!


Just a while ago, Claire asked me to call my friends to go play an escape-the-room game. I’m still quite new in this sort of games, having only played 2 more previously. One of which was from Encounter as well, their first room, The Apartment. And just nice this ‘Hospital’ is the sequel to the first room. Cool right? Follow storyline one!

The Apartment was really good, its ambience and special effects were so real my wifey was positively spooked even when her husband is a damn skeptic. To make it clear, I do believe in spirits and such, but when I go into the room, I believed that its all a controlled environment, meaning its all fake, special effects done by Encounter. They were good and there are a few times the effects made me jump. More like it happened unexpectedly then I got spooked. Kudos to them though when a skeptic got scared in their jump scares. LOL. I cannot reveal too much info anyways if not I will spoil the fun. The internet says that The Apartment got milder compared to when it was launched, I’ll say rubbish, its still darn good. Go ahead and try it, and be surprised by the creativity in the well thought out room.

The Hospital in comparison, is a more focused in solving puzzles. Everytime I play such games, I’m always the guy who open the doors which nobody wanna go near to it. So I might dull the scare factor a little because my reaction is mild to the scares and when people are all scared of the little noises that come from unexpected places I would just go through them like a bulldozer. I’m more like the chiong first (and probably die first) guy in the group.

The puzzles were very well thought out and clues can be found in the room you’re stuck in. It sounded like what everybody would say about an escape room game.. But honestly I’m surprise I had to use some of my knowledge from working in a real hospital to bare. The ambience in the dimly lit room and the smell of Detol instantly make us relate to a hospital. They must’ve use Detol as the air refreshener to make it smell so saturated with that antiseptic smell. But seriously, real hospitals in Singapore don’t smell like Detol anymore.. We smell like whatever alcohol handrub brand our management purchased.

We wasted much time getting used to the game and was really close to not clearing the room… My friends were all as usual, those happy-go-lucky kind who make jokes out of seemingly nothing and laugh at them heartily. LOL. but I feel the pressure from the time limit so I keep wanted to solve those puzzles even though I naturally sucked with them.

And so, the ladies got scared, some of men got scared too. I got scared at one point when I opened one of the doors, and thats seriously a good one that made me jumped. What are they? Are you all dying to find out? Go play the game people, you won’t experience half the fun we had by hearing it from me.

Go play the Apartment first if you wanna know the truth… from the whole story. Claire and I had some closures from the questions we had after we cleared the Apartment. But now we had more questions… Maybe we should go play the next game…

Simon Tey