[SIMONSERIES] Diaries of a coffee addict: The Grinding

I didn’t wait for 4 days for the beans to stabilize in the end. HA HA HA because I just can’t wait!!

So once I got home the day after I got my beans, its already night time and the next day I’ve got to work too, BUT I DON’T CARE!! ME WANT COFFEE NOW!

 photo _jpegIMG_0173-Edit_zps5bcb175c.jpg

The heavenly aroma of those coffee beans are just haunting me the whole day now so I absolutely have to grind them all to bits! The Porlex has the option to adjust the coarse-ness of your grounds, its all done by some ‘clicking’ of the wing-nut at the bottom of its ceramic burrs and some aga-ra-tion estimation. I will be needing a coarse ground somewhere between an espresso grind (fine) and french press (coarse). I weigh the beans, read somewhere that the ratio of beans and water is around 25g to 400ml hot water. I later found out that its up to how you want your coffee so I guess I will eventually come out with my own ratio after trial and error. drop those beans into the top compartment of the Porlex.

 photo _jpegIMG_0179_zps5d2e2ccf.jpg

 photo _jpegIMG_0180_zps7211b813.jpg

And of we go!

 photo Grinding-1_zpshtnekzhb.gif

Actually… its kind of a hard work trying to hand grind my beans, I turned it as fast as I could and it actually took me 2mins at least to finish grinding. It sounds fast, but I sure don’t feel that way when I’m at it.. I have to take a break in between grinding, I think I might be able to build muscles from this.

 photo _jpegIMG_0195_zpscda71787.jpg

When grinding coffee, everything needs to be done quickly in hope to better preserve the taste. I already prepared my water and already rinsed the filter and mug with it. So I pour the grounds into the filter, soak the grounds for about 40sec? This step is called “blooming” where you wet the grounds to allow the gases trapped in the coffee to be purged and replaced by water. This process takes awhile thus the 40 sec wait, after they ‘de-gassed’, the grounds will be able to accept water better and the coffee extraction from the grounds will be more complete. How I know all these? Google is your friend.

 photo _jpegIMG_0202_zps1c994c92.jpg

WOW they are done!! Although I think I definitely need to invest in a narrow sprout kettle like ones Hario produces. They smell heavenly! I tasted it raw just like that without milk or sugar and they taste like shit!!! LOL! I bet you expected me to say that taste like heaven’s nectar, but NO THEY TASTE LIKE SHIT!!

Ok I think I know why, just like how a disobedient sick person who never heed what the doctor tells him, I did not wait for the beans to stabilize. That 4 days wait. It doesn’t really taste that bad, but I had high expectations you see, and I fell from that high place. Sigh.. The acidity was very very high and it left a really bitter aftertaste, I know coffee are supposed to be bitter, but this is way too much bitterness. Pardon the pun. I guess I’ll just have to be a good boy and wait. ๐Ÿ™ Should have listened to the experts at Nylon Coffee Roasters, serve myself right I wasted good beans…

Disappointed Simon

P.S. After the wait, the coffee tasted so darn smooth am I drinking a smoothie? and I can actually taste all the characteristics listed on the packaging!! Its like wine-tasting, IMPOSSIBLE!!