[Simonseries] Living with Claire: December Date Night


Recently I thought we haven’t been going out for a date, you know? Have something nice for dinner, strolling at night in all those Christmas lightings feeling a little romance going on… That sort of things.

I recently went to this place at Serangoon Gardens, that shopping mall called MyVillage with my friends, we had burgers at Relish by WildRocket and I liked them quite a lot. So I decided I would bring Claire here too. We met up and took a cab there in good spirit.

The sun is setting and the mood was right.. in someone’s car…

Well apparently she had a coupon code for the Uber taxi app and we decided to have a go at it. The app has 3 services: UberX which is a private taxi service, I think anyone who has a car and registered themselves to Uber can provide private taxi services; UberTaxi which I have no idea why doesn’t work on my phone; and Uberlimosine which I’m pretty sure would cost me my arm.

Because UberTaxi doesn’t work so I opt for UberX, and sure enough a normal looking sedan stopped infront of us. The guy was young and polite but me being the shy guy forever I don’t feel comfortable sitting in someone-whom-I-didn’t-know’s car.. The transaction was all handled by the Uber app so it will just charge directly to my credit card, it felt like a free ride and I feel bad. LOL.

Moving on we reached our location and Claire was impressed with the Christmas decorations at the mall and she wanted to do a video in this location, if she has time I would say. She’s been so busy with so many things lately, studies, new job, our soon to come wedding.. Enough of these emo-ness, we went up to the restaurant and as usual, when we go out, we always share one main course because she doesn’t eat much.

 photo PicsArt_1418711070838_zps6ekbw5rp.jpg

We had Mushroom soup, Onion Rings with Curry Mayo dip and The Mushroom and Cheese Burger. Fresh Brewed Coffee for me and Gryphon Chamomile Dreams for her. It was really filling but hmmm… So-so only leh.. I also don’t know why but maybe when I came previously I was famished, so any food would’ve tasted amazing. Or maybe its the Ramly Burger I had previously.

Now comes the romantic strolling…. on the rooftop garden. The night was a bit overcast but we can still see the full moon, just nice its a full moon night LOL, when weird things happens heh? So we took weird pictures.

 photo _jpegIMG_6365_zps9b0db9e3.jpg

Behold! The materialization of my life force!

 photo _jpegIMG_6363_zpsd7adff3a.jpg

And then we ended our day because she keep whining about being tired. Oh well. Bye then our date night.