Far East Plaza Hong Hu Express (红虎饺子坊) – Awesome Dry Banmian and Gyozas!

Awhile back I brought Simon, Sebas and Ivy to Far East Plaza to eat banmian and Guo tie. I remembered the banmian is very nice there, especially the dry one. But the thing is I forgot which outlet is it. :/

It was a saturday, before our bounce session, and so after looking at all the outlets and realizing that most of the outlets are closed (i wonder why) we settled into Far East Plaza Hong Hu Express (红虎饺子坊). Never try never know you know.. :D:D



All of us ordered different dishes. Simon always order different from me because he knows I will want to try his food.

So we ordered Dry Ban Mian, Ja Jiang Mian (minced meat), Niu rou mian (beef noodles) and Spicy Niu rou mian? A2C1D7C3-CC6A-4DBF-B032-83212CE7F5E9

My Dry Ban Mian. I think it’s not spicy enough but still super shiok. C2D6385A-E144-4C4A-B90A-564C87DE2148

Simon’s minced meat noodles. SHIOK and the fried wanton or dumpling is super crispy. BB5CCED8-4AA1-468E-A073-C5CB238B020A

Ivy loves spicy food so this is her hot and spicy beef noodles! She say it’s not bad! 494A00D9-5FE0-4C72-A103-EBAB1D9F4878

Sebas’s beef noodles! He’s quite a foodie so if he says not bad then should be pretty good! 924801F9-A4D8-40F7-AF95-B7BA8ABEDE58

we also ordered Gyozas to share. OMG YOU MUST ORDER THIS DAMN GOOD!! 

Even though I’m not sure if this is the one that I used to go with Huizhen but I will come back again because the food here is really delicious! There’s another shop I want to try though. It’s called Greenview Cafe? 

The after our meal we went to Scape and followed by our bounce session. After working out and etc, we went to Mos Burger for dinner. I wasn’t hungry so I had mussels only. So happy they are back! 😀 


It was a fun day out definitely and I am looking forward to more. I am slowly clearing all my old photos and posts. Fresh start people! 😀 

Till next, 
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