Black used to be my favourite colour but…

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This dress is from Uniqlo. 

Sharing post today and also sharing all of my outfits for the past few.. I don’t know? Just can’t wait for explore series already.. It takes me awhile to post them and I decided to post whatever outfit I want to share in a separate post. But now let’s hear what I have to say first, shall we?

It’s very funny when I hear people say that I’m a very colourful person now. Because I used to hear people asking me why do you always wear black. LOL. My favourite colour was black, always black in the past. I always buy black dresses, black shoes, black bras and everything black.

I don’t think I like black because I really like black. I remember switching to all black when I was told that you will look slimmer if you wear black and dark colours.

Sound familiar?

Don’t wear bright colours, don’t wear striking colours, try to wear black or dark colours, don’t wear stripes, blablablablabla. Just so that I will look slimmer. 

And I just follow accordingly, black and all black, until it became a habit. Then I don’t know when and how I start to love white. And then slowly I start to get obsessed with pastels, neons, then pantones. Everything that is related to colours other than black makes me happy now. I even love planning my outfits with colours. Well I love neutrals too but not everyone can carry off that.

Mmmm I also want to clarify that I don’t really like colourful things. I just get a sense of satisfaction when I managed to match my colourful outfits properly. Well to compare to the all black past me, I do look happy with colours right? lol.

I still wear black nowadays, but I always make sure that I pair it with unique/bright/or cute colours. And of course there’s nothing wrong with loving black. Black gown is beautiful, I would love to wear one too.

 photo DSC04712-2_zpskbjkwkui.jpg

Black with neons. You know this skirt is already 5years old? It’s from Aforarcade blogshop.
My hat and top is from taobao.

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edited photo nicer or the original? I only change colours okay, nothing else.

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White. My favourite colour is always white. I also love white sneakers, just that my feet has too much problems with shoes. Don’t be surprised if you see me with slippers, I am ALWAYS with slippers. My shoes are always in my bag to prepare me for ootd. HAHAHA.

But no lah, these pair I wear for the whole day.
This pink cap I got from Carousell, you can get it from taobao for even cheaper!
My top is from hervelvetdolls and the skirt is from taobao (simon bought for me)
Sneakers is from Superga!

 photo tumblr_o8rl78Euoj1qceqkco1_500 1_zpsc5brr5bf.jpg

My bag is also from taobao. Damn it’s only 8bucks please.

 photo IMG_1589_zpsfbwbpiyf.jpg

Pantones. Such a pity I have to take these in the evening. Can’t really bring out the colours. The colours match so perfectly! 🙁

My top is from carousell – it’s originally from thetinselrack, someone sold to me for only 5bucks. What a steal my god! It’s so pretty!
My pants is from anticlockwise. Best buy ever super comfy butttt abit loose now. They have one in grey I’m so gonna get it.
Then my sandals is from rubi shoes, it’s only 5bucks!

I love taobao man.. their items are so cheap! And the quality is not too bad too. Usually I shop from the ezbuy app because it’s faster and easier, and so far all my clothes are in great condition. I know there are alot of people who have had bad experience with taobao, but I think it’s always good to read the reviews first before buying. 🙂

So I’m finally done with my post today, now you know why I am so colourful now. 😀 But I look kinda good with colours right. :p

By the way I will share whatever I buy and wear in the fashion and accessories category, so if you’re interested just click that. ^^

See you next post!
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