How to lose weight article PART 10!

I already thought of a topic for today’s article but decided to make some changes to it. Today’s article a bit emotional just to warn you first.

I sort of blog about this before, but I don’t think the new readers know about my ‘story’ so I’m gonna write this again, in a more emotional way describing to you the process.

I don’t mind sharing because it’s all OVER, it’s yesterday, it’s ages ago. I don’t mind putting my old pictures here in my blog because I feel it’s an achievement, come on who doesnt agree? some people can’t even lose 5-10kgs but i pull through 40kgs.

I start this blog wanting to share my achievement, and also motivate people to approach the right way to lose weight.

I’ve talk about how bad DIET was, but I still got readers asking me to give them a sample of a low calorie diet i took before, (to be honest, i nearly faint)

I asked you guys to run away from ‘thinspiration’ – girls in tumblr who are so skinny you can basically call them skeletons. But i didn’t realize I start to become the ‘thinspiration’ for you guys.

I don’t mean i’m skeleton, but the problem is you guys are starting to focus on the diets that i did before, instead of the healthy ones i do. I can ask you all to eat healthy and brisk walk, but seriously how many of you listen?

What works for me, may not work for you. I’ve heard people running everyday cutting their food intake and they still can’t lose weight. I seriously don’t know what causes this, genes or? i don’t know, then it’s time to see a doctor maybe?

what im trying to say is try, try eating well and exercise regularly, if really cannot, then see a doctor, don’t go on crash diet.

Last thursday, a happy day, but twice i heard, in the toilet, slim girls, exclaiming that they’ve become fatter. I WAS LIKE WHAT? You don’t even have fats on your body, i bet you already have the figure that every girls would envy!

Seriously this is the first time, I got worried. I really don’t want people to go through what I’ve gone through.

Hairloss, all the click clacks from teeth, elbow and knees. the sleepless nights, telling myself everything will be okay once i slim down. Until i faint, fell down, bleed then realized wtf am i doing?

Hiding my slimming pills, frequent trips to the toilet. I don’t even tell my friends or boyfriend, that’s how miserable I am, i live in my own world, thinking once i slim down i cannot gain weight, if i gain weight i cannot face anyone or go out, because they would gossip about me. And yes whenever i binge, i gain weight, and i found all sorts of excuses to not go out. got so pathetic or not? of cos.

To be honest, i don’t know why im so obsess in slimming down that time, and to be honest, im still not happy with my body now, you see my flat stomach, and people ask me if i got loose skin, yes i got. and that’s what im not happy with.

And i know there’s procedures that may help me to tighten the loose area, but is it worth it?

why not this time round, you guys advice me?

SO PLEASE WAKE UP, diet can never last forever.

oh btw, a friend/reader just told me that briskwalking works for her, and she was really happy with the results! you can’t imagine how happy i was for her!!

im happy for those who try it out, and im really thankful towards the friend who ask me to briskwalk.


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  1. YOYO! First time I’m leaving a comment ah! hahaha!
    Now I shall try going brisk walking already! Jogging only make me lose weight for a few days, then I see the same old digits back on my weighing scale again..

    heh heh heh <3

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