BTO renovation journey P2: Checking defects, things to do & buy!

Applied full day leave on 5th of May to go to our new house to check defects. I was late for almost an hour and a half, seriously super paiseh to face my ID. :/

So far Daniel from Superhome Design has been a really nice guy, he is accommodating and very informative too.

We thought we will take like a few hours to check the house but actually we finish within an hour’s time. I know.. very fast right? Because there isn’t anything that is serious enough to make me freak out.

I actually spotted some flaws but they are really insignificant. Usually at places that I won’t look at. For example, abit of unevenness on the tile skirting. One tiny scratch on the wall. Some mini holes on some hidden areas which nobody can see at all.

The HDB officer did advise us to check our house within 7 days from the day we collect our keys. If there’s any defects then we would need to submit our defects to our BSC (Building Service Centre). But because we are one of the late birds to move in to our estate, meaning our BSC is no longer there, we have to submit our defects to the HDB sengkang branch instead. Mafan hor?

By the way talked about defects, when we first applied for this flat we didnt want the doors but because of the reinstatement, HDB says we must include them. Annoying la tbh why must pay for things I dont want? Even worse is Im currently in our estate fb group and apparently from what I see from our residents’ comments, the door seems to spoil very easily. -.- haiz what to expect when they even grow mushroom before.

Although I make it sound like my house is all ready but there’s actually 1 problem with our house. There is no beam for our aircon in the living room and master bed room!

 photo IMG_9907_zpsnmjdfawi.jpg

Where to put my aircon in the living room like that? 

 photo IMG_9906_zps93xapv2t.jpg

where to put my aircon in my bedroom like that? 

This will be settled soon but we are still waiting for our permit to be approved. oh my tian faster liao la.. we wait very long liao leh.. the permit is for the hacking of our kitchen wall btw.. supposed to get their approval in a week’s time BUT.. haizzz..

We have already purchased our aircon by the way, got the Mitsubishi system 4, meaning 3 in the rooms and 1 in the living room, the delivery date is this end of the month. (already delivered since it’s June 1st today!) And then ID will plan how and where the pipe should run and where to place the aircon.

Also already called Citygas to turn on the gas and for the gas pipe installation. Total damage approx $140++.

ID also asked us to decide on our fridge, hob, kitchen sink, toilet vanity and accessories, kitchen accessories and anything that we want to place on the wall.

Currently these is what we have already spent on:

  • lightings and taps (gogo taobao go! total we spend about $500, forcing simon to write a post on this.. )
  • Aircon (Mitsubishi system 4 with better pipe $5000+)
  • Hob ($500)
  • Washer ($500)
  • Fridge ($1000 including warranty)
  • Sofa ($400)

Have to buy next: water heater x 2, kitchen sink, toilet related items.

And then let me summarize this post in case you got confused, the following items are the things you need to do and buy before the renovation works start.

  1. Turn on gas.
  2. Buy Aircon so they can run the piping and plan everything swee swee
  3. Get the lightings ready too
  4. Decide on your fridge dimension so ID can plan your kitchen properly, you can just buy your fridge already anyway
  5. Buy your hob and kitchen sink
  6. Buy your toilet bowl, mirror, sink, tap, vanity cabinet, toilet roll holder, bathroom accessories and whatever that you want to put in your toilet.
  7. Water heater

I think that’s all. And after that you can slowly buy the other furnitures~ will do a post on how much we spend overall after this is all done. FASTER!!!

Update: Aircon is up already anyway! Shall show you their location next time!


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