Explore P7: Chijmes Hakata Ramen review 2/2

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Let’s continue to dinnertime.

We went to the Chijmes outlet, I think this is the 2nd time we drop by already. Just nice, its dinner time now as I’m writing this and its making me rather hungry. As always, the wifey will always take photos of the menu and more annoying, the food before we dig in. LOL.

There you go, the menu..

 photo DSC01299_zps6x8npjlv.jpg

 photo DSC01298_zpsvs3yzjol.jpg

 photo DSC01297_zpswmm1zxwh.jpg

 photo DSC01293_zpsxzc3tv0g.jpg

To order, simply fill in the form as shown above. There’s the form in Japanese on the reverse side of this form. For me, I always chose the same no matter which ramen joint I go to. It will always be Tonkotsu/Char Siew Ramen. I was hungry so I got the Special Tonkotsu Ramen, its basically the standard tonkotsu ramen with 3 extra slices of charsiew and the Ajitsuke Tamago (flavoured egg), must have the egg!

For wifey, her taste always changes, and she always always try something different. So this time round she decided on the Black Tonkotsu Ramen. And a plate of gyozas to share.

 photo DSC01300_zpsp78rruva.jpg

The standard condiments and utensils available on every table.. what’s that in the basket…

 photo DSC01301_zpsemzn0tul.jpg

Hard-boiled eggs, FREE! Anything free i like. hahahahaha

 photo DSC01303_zps8uka4epx.jpg

I don’t remember noticing this spicy takana thingy before.

 photo DSC01304_zpsvzbsmokt.jpg

This spicy takana thingy is actually pickled mustard greens. The taste was so familiar but it took me a long time before I realised its actually the same filling used on that dope pan-fried onigiri we had in Nikko, Japan, a few years ago.

 photo Image-1 1_zpswutapoky.jpg

The mandatory what we having for dinner shots coming up.. Le Gyozas, nothing can go wrong with gyozas.

 photo Image-1_zpsfmueebl5.jpg

Black Tonkotsu. The black was the fried garlic paste they added to the tonkotsu broth.

 photo DSC01305_zpsiy1weoam.jpg

And of course, my SPECIAL Tonkotsu Ramen. The dope. The essense of life.

 photo DSC01309_zpsakwuzpcr.jpg

And the Ajitsuke tamago. That runny goodness, that wet glossy sheen on that yolk..

And so, after this meal I feel like I could die a satisfied man. Satisfied my stomach, and my soul. Ok ok nothing can replace my wifey ok wifey is the best (just in case she starts saying stuff like ‘so the ramen can replace me lah?’)

Do go and try their ramen. Dope.

Hakata Ikkousha CHIJMES

30 Victoria Street # F1-07, Chijmes, Singapore 187996

Simon Tey