[Simon] Asus Zenfone MAX finally a review!

Check out the first impressions over here.

Welcome back.

After 1 week plus trying out this phone, I must say its a solid performer. Above is a pic to get a sense of the size compared to my Samsung Galaxy S6 and my ugly hand. I can only compare it to by own mobile phone because I don’t own more than one phone… Duh.

The phone is not the thinnest phone you can find, its meatier than my Samsung by say 3.8mm. This can be a good thing actually, because my Samsung being so thin, it tend to slip off my ugly hands, having more girth allows me to grip it.. more firmly…

During my normal day to day usage, usually I only do some messaging, mostly with wifey on Between app, search random stuff on Google, play COC and CR, check bus arrival timings and the usual social media platforms like facebook, instagram etc. Doing all of the above on the Zenfone Max doesn’t feel much different as doing the same on my last year’s flagship Samsung phone. I guess mobile phone tech came a long way, now a lot of lower tier phones are powerful enough to perform usual day to day tasks at lightning speed.

The camera autofocus speed rivals my Samseng, its not bad really. I don’t use handphone cameras much but well when I do use it, I find it good enough for me, I don’t have much expectations anyways. Selfie is a little hard in my opinion, because I’m not used to large phones, so I have a hard time holding wifey with one arm and the phone on the other… LOL.

Battery life on the other hand is superb! I usually charge my Samseng 2 times per day, too much gaming I guess. But the Zenfone Max survived more than 24hrs with me! Good for when I have to travel and charging points are not readily available. I didn’t really use the powerbank features because other than the phone, I don’t have much tech stuffs for me to charge on the go. But its still a good thing to know when there’s a need, help is available in the form of the Zenfone Max.

The Gorrilla Glass on the Asus felt like super premium stuff. Display is brilliant too but then I still prefer my Samseng’s. My personal preferences I think. But think about the price difference between my Samseng and Asus, its kinda hard to just dismiss the Asus into the bin.

And thus ends my short post on le Asus Zenfone Max. Above is my cheap EDC shot with my Mackerel cloth. Kinda fit right in with my own stuff. ’nuff said.

Simon Tey