thanks for giving me the best improvement award. *tears of joy*
thanks for the love from you guys.
thanks CJ faci for the subway cookies
w36e, you guys ROCKS
the day we acted as a family
the power girls team
the innocent and wonderful FACI
team 2 and math faci


girls were crying, guys were laughing.
fret not, we will definitely meet up soon again!
tough people succeed in life, not smart people. thank you faci for telling me this. i will always remember this. thank you for staying back to teach me math and thanks for all the encouragements. i wish you all the best! thanks classmates and faci for the award also! can i know who vote for me (;?

some aftermath evaluation for my fellow classmates.

khoo: The matured guy, who guide us when we are lost, a very philosophical person. Thank you for your encouragement for the first day of enterprise, and thanks for selecting me as one of the five persons to be in the same team with.

matthew: First impression, ahbeng. Always write his ‘poems’ when he is emotional. A smart guy who speaks fluent english and has great thinking. I believe you will have a bright future and thanks for helping me for things that i do not know how to do.

kenny: i thought you were fierce and quiet, but you are a very funn
y guy!

beal: a weird guy but thank you for your candy for my birthday and helping me with the rubbish and all sorts of thing etc..

willy: sorry for laughing at your presentation initially, i’m so happy for you that your english improved so much over time. JIAYOU!

shak: noisy, irritating but nice guy! haha. Thank you so much for your tissue whenever i’m scared and all the encouragements!

ming: quiet but violent guy! full of vulgarities like me. I hope you could get A for science and maths again! Thank you for guiding me for science when we are in the same team too!

basheer: funny guy, i will miss the byebye hand sign. HAHAHA.

zul: stop showing your boxers LOL take care!

syazrin: a haven grow up boy, don’t dare to go home or buy food himself. Please change this and get to be independent. you are a nice kid and i will miss your nonsense! HAHA. take good care of yourself.

winanto: BAD IMPRESSION FROM THE START! very arrogant, think highly of yourself. HAHA. but it was wrong, you were a very helpful person, thanks for all your help and encouragements. AIM FOR ALL As OKAY BEST FRIEND!

ayu: wow, damn sarcastic thought she was a very quiet girl from the start, but actually she is busy with videos and books or whatever, hahahhaa! i will miss your sarcasm girl!!! 🙁

meera: bimbo like me! hahahhaa. but she is so nice and i love taking pictures with her. will miss your bimbotic moments and words. 🙁

yenny: partial queen! a nice lady too! all the best for your TP!

shahidah: MEIMEI I WILL MISS U LEH! pls take good care of yourself! stop saying im violent, i got my gentle moments too~~~~~~

soleha: a smart girl, love the way she think and speak. OHMYGOD. I MISS YOU MY DEAR GIRL!!!!! i miss laughing with you and all! i want to hug you!

diana: an introvert, very quiet. but a very nice girl.

serene: jiayou for your maths and science i know you can get A again. A nice girl 🙂

shiyan: have more confidence for your presentation ok? dont be scared and trembled. JIAYOU FOR ENTERPRISE!!!! we will meet up in holidays yaaa..

wenny: TODDLER, first impression i thought you were an ahlian, then im like fml so sway! BUT NOW SO CLOSE LIAO, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! meet up in holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peijun: the girl with the widest sweet smile on earth. GIRLFRIEND/WIFEY! i will miss you so much! although we only dated twice. holidays!!!!!

sharry: i also thought she was noisy and is a chao ahlian. but she is a nice girl! will miss you!

anyone that i missed out? you all really rock the class. i will not forget all of you. thanks for stepping into my life for this 4months. ALL THE BEST FOR EVERYONE OF YOU! GOOD LUCK! BEST WISHES!

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