taken in class with my hair up iLIKE
food and my loveeeeee
cute be! managed to convince him to wear something bright
RIA ayam penyet

having a short gathering on friday the 13th, with joy, keki, kailei and weiling at ayam penyet. forgot to take photos, -.-! had a rather enjoyable night though it was short. meet up soon my dear friends (;

14th August

went out with be to look for dopie. he was so fascinated about it. i know he wanted to buy but because i dont like so he didnt buy. LOL! then we went shopping, last stop at forever 21. HAHAA. ring and shirt was purchased! thanks be for the shirt. and straight away i went and changed, lol look weird but cute. 😀 i bought a pair of flats @ newlook also :p OK I NEED TO CONTROL LIAO. IVE BEEN SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH THIS MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!! i honoured my promise, i brought him to RIA. and he said it was nice. ahahhaa. i ate gadogado with the sauce aside ;P and we shared beefball soup (it was nice). wonderful night again! <3 then we went jogging, poor be, his stomach was not well but he insists to come with me, cos he wanna jog with me. AWWWWWWW… so sweeeet.. lol i know i sound sarcastic but NO im not!

first accomplishment 2.4km in 17mins im happy!
gonna train harder and workout harder, until i can complete 5km in 35mins!
our dinner was at mac!

food diary for 14th august



yami yogurt

gadogado with sauce aside

mcchicken with corncup.

maintaining good 🙂 blast the fats, build the muscles and give me a 4.

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