Polar Puffs & Cakes NEW Salted Egg Puff review!

Salted egg salted egg salted egg, here you go again! Another new one and this time round is from Polar Puffs & Cakes!

I didn’t know they have this until today when I walked pass the Polar outlet at Northpoint.

I asked the staffs when was this launched and they told me today is the first day. whoop!

 photo IMG_9123_zpssktczn8m.jpg

So today they launched the New Salted Egg Puff, smooth and creamy Salted Lava egg yolk filling combines with crispy puff and Molten Chocolate Puff, crispy pastry combines with gooey pudding-like chocolate that will ooze out. :O

I wanted to wait for Simon to meet me before trying this but I bought it immediately cos I’m curious as to how the salted egg from Polar would taste.

 photo IMG_9124_zpsxajzrlnm.jpg

I copied the below photo from Polar puffs & cakes facebook because the photo is clearer. 😛 I will credit to you, don’t worry!

 photo 12970984_1045471008824335_5465919454887210904_o_zpsir5b8e21.jpg


It’s tempting okay to see the flowing lava from the picture, I couldn’t resist the temptation. I rushed back home and sit down to enjoy my egg puff!

 photo IMG_9125_zpsszzpih5l.jpg

The puff pastry smells exactly like how the usual puffs from Polar would smell like. It looks hard though and doesn’t seem like anything would flow out when I was shaking it. I FELT LIKE I GOT SCAMMED.

 photo IMG_9126_zpsffm8zzbk.jpg

I couldn’t wait anymore so I poke the middle and was really hoping that some dark yellow liquid would ooze out.

 photo IMG_9127_zpszfsp2dnt.jpg

SOMETHING REALLY FLOW OUT but it was not in dark yellow colour. It’s the same colour as the top part. I was abit puzzled.. So I proceed to eat it. (seriously why do I write like I’m doing an experiment??? well I am what.. in a way)

 photo IMG_9128_zpso5jkrhca.jpg

So smooth.. so creamy… was the first thing that came into my mind when I ate the first half. The custard was incredibly warm and good. The pastry was awesome as usual!

You know.. I was enjoying until I forgot that it’s supposed to be salted egg yolk! Yes it was sweet instead. More like egg tart kind of taste but in creamy form and maybe with a slight tinge of saltiness but not very distinct.

Which made me confused. like very confused. lol? But I tried to focus on the creaminess and shiokness of this puff instead of the thought that it should be salted egg yolk!!

 photo IMG_9129_zps7rnleuo2.jpg

And it works.. well.. cos every bite is truly an enjoyment. 

Anyway I like it lah, just don’t carry the hope that it will be a very distinctive salted egg yolk taste ok? It’s $2 per piece, no harm trying imo!

Unless you have my tongue, dont get influenced by my opinions. :) its better that you try it out on your own. 

Simon, let’s try the chocolate one next! I want to try!