Marigold Peel Fresh Select Momo Juice drink! Momo = Peach!

Okay enough of trying new snacks, time for some healthy (maybe not) drinks!

I am actually not a big fan of Marigold fruits drinks because they can be quite sweet. But I was going home one day, stopped by the petrol station and noticed that Marigold has this new peach drink and I thought the packaging was very cute and sweeet. :p

Sooooo you can guess what’s next, I bought it.

 photo IMG_9143_zpsv4mabk2d.jpg

FYI, I love using my nose so I start by smelling the drink first. Doesn’t really smell like peach but to me, more like the skin of the peach.

 photo IMG_9144_zpswrts7zbt.jpg

And it looks exactly like cloudy apple juice.

 photo IMG_9145_zps1hliwmc2.jpg

The smell and the taste doesn’t fascinate me so I went ahead to try it. On first taste, it was weird. It tasted like diluted cloudy pokka peach tea with less sugar.

But after a few more sips, it has the aftertaste of the peach fruit in your mouth. Oh by the way do you think that cloudy drinks always has this very warm taste to it? Like it’s very hard for it to get cold? I really hate that so I put my peach drink into the freezer to really chill it and this is when I FINALLY got the perfect taste.

It’s refreshing, not too sweet and leave a very nice floral and peach aftertaste. I like it alot! A very nice addition to the Marigold select range. For 250ml it’s 100 calories for the drink which is not too bad. I guess I could try vodka peach too. 😛

Have you guys tried this? What do you think of it?

Oh I just kpo kpo went to Marigold website and saw that I can make cheesecake with yuzu juice. This is interesting.. I MISS BAKING MY SIGNATURE CHEESECAKE!