[Simonseries] My EDC (everydaycarry) weighs 7-8kg!


This is my current EDC:

Like what I said the last time I made such a post, I tend to bring too many stuff because I like to cater for all the ‘what if’ scenarios. So like the last time, I packed my bags with many tools and stuff and overloaded them, just like last time, but now I’m featuring a different bag(s) and with different gears…

Contrary to what some of my friends thinks, I’m not rich. I’m just making good investments into objects of desire that still retain their value after some time. I call this ‘smart investment’. That’s why I always seem like I’m buying stuff all the time. But actually, I buy ‘new’ stuff… ‘new’ second-hand stuff to be exact.. after I sell my old stuff. Don’t be surprised, like the saying goes: ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’. So technically, I’m just swapping stuffs around. I only stop swapping when I find something that I really like.

So anyways, let’s get on with the equipments I lugged with me everyday. Its heavy, yes, but I always treat it as if I’m training my body. Not sure if it actually works or not though. LOL.

  1. Camera: I’ll always have a camera in my bag. When I feel very rich, I’ll have my Voigtlander Bessa R3M, because 135 film is expensive. When I feel slightly rich, I’ll bring my Mamiya 645 Pro TL, because 120 film is slightly cheaper. When I feel poor (which for the record, is all the time) I’ll bring my Sony a7 mkII, because digital no need to pay for the film!
  2. Notebook and stationery: My notebook has my everything including my schedule. Without it I am lost. LOL. And of course I’ll have some of my pen collection out, there’s always a need for stationery.
  3. 2x Water Bottles: Due to my condition, I always need to keep a water bottle handy. Its not that bad till I will choke and die, but still good to have. I always bring 2, the bigger one is for plain water, I use a Klean Kanteen 27oz, right balance of weight and volume. The 2nd one is for my luxury. I use a Thermos 350ml insulated flask to keep… coffee. heh heh heh.. even though the doctors told me I shouldn’t drink them.. NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM COFFEE!!!
  4. Pocket Tools: I kept what some people call the ‘EDC tools’ with me. They proved to be very useful. I have a small Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 spear point knife for opening hard-to-open packages, a Gerber Dime multitool, a cheap china-made Cree LED Torchlight, measuring tape, and a Titanium pocket bit keychain I got from kickstarter that’s always poking my butt (from my back pocket…) Useful stuff for those unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Moisturizers and my cologne in travel spray bottle: I’m always very conscious about how I might smell bad after I sweat a lot (because I always complain about others so I thought karma might strike me anytime.) especially in this weather… So I always have a small bottle with me in case I smell like salted fish. Then those moisturizers… well its more like first aid to me.. I’m kinda allergic to some stuff I don’t know at work, so my hands will dry up at times, to the point where they will crack and bleed. So the creams are to prevent that. And of course I have some plasters too.
  6. Mobile phone charger and powerbank: I have an ipod, so I bring a lightning cable with me, then I’m using an android phone, so I also have micro USB cable. Basically I got everything covered. LOL.

I guess that sums it up what I bring everyday. I weigh them before, its around 7-8kg. Not even the weight of a sack of rice. Not too bad lah.