The Icing Room New Cheese tart, original and salted egg yolk review. :D

Thank you Breadtalk for letting me know about the new cheese tarts from The Icing Room. I tried both the original and salted egg yolk cheese tarts and I got to say that I love the original ones more. πŸ˜€

I went to Nex on Saturday and got 4 of these, 3 of them the original ones.

 photo IMG_9198-2_zpszelpwjkm.jpg

The tiramisu ones are not launched yet, I’m looking forward to it though!

 photo IMG_9200-2_zpsb3y671ov.jpg

It’s one for $2, you might think it’s overpriced but I actually think it’s super worth it!

 photo IMG_9199-2_zpsjmjiblrl.jpg

For the salted egg yolk lovers, you can try the Golden Lava Cheese tart, it’s a very unique taste in my opinion but I personally still think croissant goes better with salted egg.

 photo IMG_9201-2_zpsgtwuvsj0.jpg

Anyway the guy was like telling me there are 3 ways to eat these. Hot Warm and cold. And guess what I tried all 3 ways and I especially love the cold ones! I’ll tell you why, so let’s read on..

 photo DSC04211-2_zpsxd6mtzlw.jpg

 photo DSC04212-2_zpsbuosdm44.jpg

 photo DSC04218-2_zpsjhxyme7t.jpg

To me, both the hot and warm ways taste quite similar. Both you can feel the tofu texture cheese slowly dissolves in your mouth. πŸ˜€ Of course if it’s hot then the tart pastry will be more crispy, oh yea.. crispy pastry is really shiok.

I really love the tart pastry because it tastes like the buttery crust of a cheesecake. I wonder if they mixed in digestive biscuits? Cos I thought I taste that? mmm.

 photo DSC04221-2_zpszzttj1bt.jpg

I supposed the icing room used good quality cheese, because the consistency is really good, velvety and soft and there’s no weird after taste like some cheese has.

 photo IMG_9178-2_zpsjbln93xl.jpg

Then here also comes the golden lava cheese tart, a very bad quality image. Sorry I didn’t take a nice photo of the golden lava one because I was doing a video of it. I wanted to see how it flows out. Yes it flows by the way, we were too excited until we forgot to take a good shot of it. -_- So I got to do a screenshot of the video. zz

I didn’t really like the golden lava one because the taste is too strong for me. I wanted the very cheesy taste in my tart. BUT I don’t deny the shiokness of the golden lava. It would be good if I had some croissant with me hahaha.

Anyway it is still up to individual, if you’re after salted egg yolk then it’s something unique you can try.

Lastly to try the cold way, I kept 2 in the fridge and ate them the next day. I’ll tell you why I love them cold. Because they taste exactly like cheesecake! And maybe better because the crust is just so fragrant and addictive!

 photo IMG_9202-2_zps5cizum0h.jpg

Now typing this post makes me want to have another cheese cake, oops I meant cheese tart. What about you? Have you tried this yet?  photo DSC04214-2_zpspvkiik08.jpg

Can’t wait for the tiramisu to be launched.

go try their cheese tarts :p

Unless you have my tongue, dont get influenced by my opinions. :) its better that you try it out on your own.