Froth cafe & Hangout cafe, 2 is better than 1!

Never too late for food post so here we go!

Visited Hangout cafe @ NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) and Froth Cafe @ Big Hotel about 2months ago with my colleagues.

Hangout cafe was a welcome lunch for me but I forgot about Froth Cafe.. probably for Chinese New Year? I only remember the special yu sheng pizza that Froth Cafe offered. Basically the concept is that you lao yusheng but on a pizza base. Sounds pretty interesting right?

Before you read on, I want to tell you that I don’t have the exact name of the food because 1. I cant find them online and 2. I didn’t take a photo of the menu, a lesson that I will never learn. 

 photo IMG_7765_zpsinyrrx9d.jpg

It is a very interesting concept and was quite good! Kudos to them for coming up with this.

The following is what we ordered that day but the only dish I remembered is my own, the sweet and sour fish pasta. 

 photo IMG_7756_zpsxbsvdhui.jpg

This one looks like a egg on a breadbowl. literally.

 photo IMG_7750_zpslsebntwb.jpg

The sweet and sour fish pasta which taste surprisingly refreshing. There was even lychee in it!

 photo IMG_7754_zpscsy1wqjx.jpg

The chicken wrap.

Except for the lighting of the place, I don’t have much to complain. The food is pretty good too! Would like to try out their famous taro waffles next time and some of their other dishes which you can see over here: 🙂

Maybe should have a staycation @ Big hotel some day, we already decided on Lloyd’s inn for now SOOOOO big hotel you got to wait first! 😀

Then next it’s @ Hangout Cafe where I have the 3rd best chicken chop of my life.

 photo IMG_7692_zpszsjoeipg.jpg

Chicky chop! The mash potato, the sauce, the chicken. Everything is just good.

 photo IMG_7685_zpsiwi61pvo.jpg

Daphy’s Morning Shine: Grilled cheese sandwich, oven baked eggs, chicken chipolata and mesclun salad.

 photo IMG_7686_zpslgdkzxsi.jpg

The awesome looking Tiger prawns oglio olio!

 photo IMG_7683_zpsalwfdcbf.jpg

Lastly we shared a bowl of truffle fries BECAUSE WE ARE SUCKERS FOR TRUFFLE FRIES!

The truffle fries were alright but I still preferred the ones from Symmetry, The Assembly Ground and Stranger’s Reunion. 😀

If you’re around the corner, go try out Hangout Cafe and Froth Cafe, their food really not bad. 🙂 by the way FYI Froth Cafe is moving to The Ascott Raffles Place, No.2 Finlayson Green in May. 🙂 

Till the next!

It’s already been 4months at my new work place, wow time flies.