[Simonseries] Gear: Fitbit Blaze Smart fitness watch review (plum!)


Recently C won a Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch from joining the contest on Nylon Singapore FB page. She won a purple one, which in my opinion, looks nice on her. And she actually chose purple because I like.. Never mind what i like.. But after one day of using it. She complains that its too bulky and the strap keeps pinching her skin… Thus… she handed it over to me…

I took the blaze out for a week. Initially I used it with its purple strap. But on the first day, I realised that the purple colour attracted too much unwanted attention.. So I used a nato strap instead. the problem with the nato strap is that I can’t use the heart rate feature due to the strap covering the sensor.. I can buy the official black strap but that would mean extra cost. One good thing about the strap is that you can remove it buy pulling that handy lever under the straps to retract the pin. (refer to picture)

Anyways, lets go on to the list of features (listed from the official website):

  1. Optical heart rate sensor
  2. Colour touch screen
  3. On-screen workouts
  4. Connected GPS
  5. Multisports
  6. All day activity and sleep tracker
  7. Call, text and calendar alerts. (works with whatsapp too)
  8. Music control

When I read about all these features I thought they were really cool! The watch looks great as well so I thought I must have it. I used to have a steps tracker from HPB something event, but it died after I put it through the cycle in my washing machine. So I’ve been itching for a tracker ever since. My handphone can do it but then I don’t always have my handphone on me all the time.. So the accuracy can be a bit off. Having a wrist device means having it on you at all times, you can even wear it to sleep if you want. I don’t though. LOL. And the battery life on this smart device can survive up to 5 days! I heard other smart watches have issues on battery life. The colour touch screen looks beautiful too, of course you can’t compare this to a modern handphone, but its good enough. Swiping and tapping is responsive and there’s some animation going on as you move through the menus. Once its sync to your handphone, it stays connected unless you put too much distance between the 2 devices. Tells time and date perfectly too through the 4 interchangeable clock-face, but most settings like this can only be done via you handphone.

Having used it for a week, I’ve come to realised that out of all the 8 features listed above, I only use the activity tracking and connected GPS. Well I don’t know why I need to track my heart rate when I hate cardio exercises. I hate running, I like to hike. So the steps tracker and GPS seems more relevant to me. I find the call and text alert redundant because I don’t need the watch to tell me everytime I got a call or text. It can be very annoying, like a nagging granny living on your wrist. Music control doesn’t work for me too because I use my ipod.. The bluetooth connects to one device at a time right..? Then there are only 3 on-screen workouts, not sure if they will add more in future. Oh yes about the GPS, I need to have my phone with me at all times to track my hiking (..or running) route. Because in order to make this watch so small, Fitbit engineers omitted the GPS and let this Fitbit Blaze tap on my phone’s GPS. Pro = small, con = i need to bring my phone. But I don’t always have my phone when I exercise, I get all sweaty and my phone will kena my sweat too, I don’t want that. Did I mention this Fitbit will drown if you wore it to a pool? Its splash and sweat resistant, but not waterproof. Rain and sweat is fine, but drowns in a pool.

In the end, this is only my opinion. I’m sure there are others, unlike the lazy me, who will fully appreciate all the features on this Fitbit. It looks cool as a watch too, but the secret hiker inside me says its not suitable for my lifestyle. Most activity tracker like this are made mostly for runners, I’m not a runner, so too bad for me. I’ll go back to my cui Casio Protrek watch and be the usual hiker-wannabe.

Hope my review helps.